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1451Hugh Ross Blanding Photo

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  • Keith Emmons
    Aug 1, 2000
      Checked out a book from the library called "Heck Thomas: Frontier
      Marshall" by Glenn Shirley (1962).

      It's a rather interesting book about a gunfighter in Oklahoma
      Territory. He spent his last remaining years as Police Chief of
      Lawton. There are some great photos...one has heck posing with some
      law-men in Lawton, and sitting to his left is Hugh Ross Blanding.

      I've uploaded the photo to the files section under 'Friends and
      Family of Blanding'. There is quite a resemblence to Don. I've
      confirmed his identity from a photo of Hugh that Donna Wendt gave me
      awhile back.

      There is supposed to be a mention of Hugh in the book, but I haven't
      come across it yet.

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