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  • Keith Emmons
    Jan 17, 2000
      Oops... had my last message cut short before I was done.

      As I was saying, O COUNTY FACES and PLACES; A Collection of Cherokee
      Strip, photographs and Stories, compiled in 1968 by Velma Troxel Jayne,
      and Stella Campbell Rockwell. One section is titled 1901 FIRE IN ENID -
      Don Blandings Prayer or Dynamite?

      It talks about six year old Don Blanding praying before his mother's
      bible to stop a raging fire which was working it's way down Grand
      Avenue towards his home. The townspeople decided to dynamite the St.
      Joe Hotel, which would have bridged the flames to adjacent buildings.
      It worked, but some mused it was Blanding's prayers which actually did
      the trick.

      Ida Kimble Blanding was also described in this small booklet as rather
      small and dainty, like Dresden China. The Blanding's daughter died just
      before she was to be married, and Ida ended up dying the wedding dress
      and wearing it herself. Years later Blanding would write of her in his
      poem 'Mother':
      'Dear frail Mother with your quiet hands
      A tired Dresden figure stifling a cry.'
      Donald's father, Judge Hugh Ross Blanding, who had a law practice in
      Enid at this time, apparently doted on his wife, waiting on her hand
      and foot.
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