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  • Jim Whiteley
    Jul 4, 2000
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      Happy 4th!
      Wow, I got behind during the past week and am now going through all
      of the new information posted, could take a while!
      Couple of things...yes, we have programs for "A Night to Remember"
      and the Junior League shows. Also a flyer (I believe) from the Taos
      show. We also have typewritten copies of Don's will. I think there
      is an offical copy but I'll have to go back and check.
      Don had said they moved to Lawton on his 7th birthday, that would
      have been November 1901. H.R. was elected Police Judge in October '01.
      The townsite wasn't opened until August '01. If the family didn't
      move until Nov. it would make sense that H.R. would move first,
      secure a job and home (even by Nov. there were still a lot of tents
      around) before sending for his family.

      I think you all would have been very happy with the opening of our
      show Friday (I know I was). We had just over 200 people show up (one
      woman flew in from Tenn. after catching our website!) It was
      wonderful to see Don getting so much attention and praise!

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