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10[aloha-donblanding] Blanding

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  • Keith Emmons
    Jan 17, 2000
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      Thank you Cadia for providing, once again, a meeting ground for us
      Blanding fans, both old and new.
      Some interesting comments already. I agree with Tom, putting together
      a definative biography on a man as elusive as Blanding will take a
      collaborative effort by many people, and it's not really important who
      actually puts it out... as long as it's complete, factually accurate,
      and insightful enough to reveal the true nature of the man. I keep
      hearing about how Charles Lovell is just about to publish... I hope so,
      as he has apparently amassed quite a bit of research over the years.
      Time to share your toys Charlie!
      I will devulge all tid-bits that I can unearth. At the moment, I'm
      mainly working on creating a complete bibliography on the written works
      of Blanding, as I think that is equally important. It's painstaking
      work, as I have to go back through old issues of magazines and
      newspapers that I know he contributed to. My goal is to catalogue every
      poem he wrote, where it first appeared in print, and each of it's
      subsequent reprints. He "retreaded" many of his earlier poems, making
      small changes or sometimes just simply renaming them.
      To answer Larry's questions regarding Blanding, yes Don was involved
      with the Church of Religious Sciences, having joined them in 1949. He
      gave lectures in the Los Angeles Church, and also wrote monthly
      articles for Science of Mind magazine. He died of a heart attack in his
      Los Angeles home, while in the company of his secretary, Mrs. Edythe
      Genee, and several friends.
      Cadia, in one of your previous messages you were pondering over when
      Blanding had his Vagabond's House in Bend, Oregon. He lived there from
      around May or June of 1951, until September of 1952. He didn't write
      anything during this time, spending the time "chilling". He started his
      year-long Micronesian cruise on the MV Metromkin with friend Ted
      Narramore shortly after that, in which time he worked on Joy is an
      Inside Job.
      The only other item of interest I can think of is a thin booklet I'm
      borrowing via inter-library loan called O COUNTY FACES and PLACES... A
      collection of Cherokee Strip Photographs and Stories, compiled by Velma
      Troxel Jayne and Stella Campbell Rockwell in 1968. In it, there is a
      story entitled 1901 FIRE IN ENID
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