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1[aloha-donblanding] Aloha, Don Blanding Collectors Society

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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 8, 2000
      Hi, everyone!

      The Aloha, Don Blanding Collectors Society is now on eGroups.com. After receiving several responses to my initial "test" message, and deleting a few obsolete addresses, I have found a few moments to set up the eGroups list. I have also added more names to the list, mostly from my Guestbook entries at


      To those who did not receive the test message, what we're trying to do here is gather together all the Don Blanding fans who have visited my website and sent e-mails to me over the past couple of years.

      Several members of this list are researching Don Blanding for purposes of writing books or articles. Others just enjoy his poetry and illustrations and want to learn more. Many, like me, collect Vernon Kilns dinnerware designed by Blanding in the late 1930s. A few have discovered Blanding via Jimmy Buffett's albums and books. Some are even distant relatives of Don Blanding!

      All of us can contribute something...and I sincerely hope that each of you will introduce yourselves to the group, let us know your connection to Blanding, and lend your support to any writing projects that may come out of all this.

      I first discovered the magic of Don Blanding when I was a communications major in college, nearly 40 years ago. In the intervening decades, I've thought about researching and writing a book, but decided that was a project I was not up to handling. About three years ago, I was talked into creating a website for my antiques business...and of course, I knew that Don Blanding would somehow become part of that effort.

      Even though the information on my website barely scratches the surface, those few pages comprise more information on Don Blanding than is available on any other website. Thanks to all of you, the amount of information keeps growing; and that attracts even more Blanding fans.

      So, in short, we can do this. We can work together to produce worthwhile projects to commemorate one of America's most popular yet least known poets and illustrators.