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University incidents in Bangladesh - what can we do?

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  • Peace Justice
    Dear Sir, What we see in various universities in Bangladesh are very painful, shameful and we MUST control and stop these. WHAT A SHAMEFUL EVENTS! Teachers are
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2008
      Dear Sir,
      What we see in various universities in Bangladesh are very painful, shameful and we MUST control and stop these.
      • Teachers are beaten by students.
      • VC, Provost, Pro-VC and others - remain captive, locked, harassed, etc. --- what a shame for a nation!
      • Students are fighting each other, killing, torturing, etc. - this is long history - but most of these incidents are more politicized and from students' wings of various political parties.
      • Being a University teacher, even me including many others, see wrong, odds, criminal act, ppression within university campus, university halls [e.g., watching one urinating in corner of a department, another student in a afternoon was so excited to release his sperm in a floor of a department while a teacher was passing but no control, immoral activities with pairs of boys-girls within and outside from students - staying even till 9/10pm inside various corridors and if any protest from any teacher or staff, they are sometimes harassed <once attacked by gunbut to a uni staff in Dhaka University>, and many more] -- and teachers mostly can not say anything and remain silent though their heart burns.
      • Mind it, only a few teachers are doing or involved in politics, even those who are getting nomination or elected [e.g., in Syndicate member election. Senate member election, Teacher's Union election, etc.] are not all that much political in nature.
      • Sometimes, even from the teachers, due to to factions mainly - they fight or argue in very aggressive way. So these are shameful. Just recall the last meeting at Dhaka University Teachers' Union [sikkhok samity election] where in the meeting for 3 or more hours, some of them bahaved so badly that destroy the image of teachers.
      • Also, we see, teachers are murdered within campuses - whereas, many of us feel that after Cantonment, University teachers; quarters are the safest place to live because we respect [!!!] out teachers.
      • If you really feel that teachers are respected, then we need to take few actions, motivate students, teach them the importance of public values, moral values, public property, life of another fellow-student, respect for woman.
      • We MUST try to stop the politics within university.
      • Within univeristy - we must stop strikes, miking, processions, posters, immoral activities, etc. It is unbelievable and many teachers just can not feel comfortable to stay longer in the campus due to bad immoral conduct of some groups around the department, corridors, etc. Just answer me, how come used condoms are sometimes available is some classrooms or other places?!!! It is rare but still available sometimes.
      • Also, please ensure quality food for the students in the dining halls and canteens. This is very bad that a generation is evolving with very poor quality of food due to money. Every department's alumni, etc. can subsidies for quality food and life for student halls.
      • Also I strognly recommend for university halls to allow new students to stay in the hall and seniors to leave the hall [like few universities in Bangladesh - this is a practice] - this way, new admitted 1st yr's student can get a seat in hall, make his life smooth, and after 2/3 years time, he can manag his life, get some earning sources in some cases, or manag life outside or get tutionee and stay outside halls. This can help students not to be a card for political students' wings.
      • We must ensure that the purpose for University life is to STUDY, improve knowledge. But we do a small amount of this. We have more frustratation, gossip, misuse of time; less brain-storming, team work, share of knowledge and academic competition. We MUST engage our students to do well and motivate them.
      • TO motivate students: Teachers must take the 1st role and then work hard. Change curriculum if necessary, change exam systems, do not mark based on partisan or gender or face-value in viva-voce. In Science faculties, medical fields, it is a big problem -- lots of students complain regarding viva-voce, thesis defence as there is no steadfast rule to maintian a neutral environment, etc.
      Please do bit bit and bit based on your ability ----- please refresh our country and young kids for the next generation. Many of us hate the present status-qou, very few of us react and take action.
      We can try a bit - and step by step - a can solve many problem. Just ensure academic environment for the students.
      Media can take a strong position - through good and postitive achievements of students [like some developed countries - they have many programs on TV], through drama, newspaper, etc. Please remove the partisan or yellow-journalism and be honest --- at least with the students' related activities. We must clean our heart, mind and soul and act positivaly. The noble - A Time To Kill by J. Grisham ---- reflects that mind - not black or white --- feel thr truth and act then. Do not forget your student life when you suffered and watched your friends to suffer. Please act based on your ability.
      I request you to spread it to all and publish if possible.
      Sorry for any comment that may hurt you.  

      For any personal reply, please reply me bejust.peace@...

      Thanks a lot for your time.
      N.B.: I never mail any advertisement or spam - so if you get somethine like this from this account, please forgive me as sometimes, people may spam using my ID. Wish you all the best. RESPECT.

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