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Re: [ALOCHONA] Who would support the Liberal Democrats?

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  • zsyed01@aol.com
    While it is quite promising to see the formation of the new Liberal Democratic Party it still makes one ask many questions. First of all given the history of
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      While it is quite promising to see the formation of the new Liberal Democratic Party it still makes one ask many questions. First of all given the history of politics and politicians in our country can we really trust the same politicians who have served under the parties that we know do not have the best interest of the country?
      While we value the legacy of Ziaur Rahman would it be correct to say that the same issues and problems still exist in Bangladesh today?
      Can politicians who have served one party and form another differentiate significantly in their personal opinion and beliefs?
      Bangladesh has limited natural resources, unlimited human resources and potential that has been for the most part ignored by the rest of the world while politicians have continued to fatten their pockets and enrich their lifestyles. Do we dare to have the same politicians no matter how honest in comparison come back under the guise of a different party?
      While most voters usually vote for the lesser of two evils (BNP and AL) having LDP will be voting for the least evil party.
      What Bangladesh needs is completely fresh blood. Yes one could say that lack of experience in politics and government would be detrimental to our country but seriously could it get any worse? I would much rather have such noted members of BNP who want to form a different party serve as advisors to new members who know and feel the changes in Bangladesh, the people and the lifestyle and its goals rather than individuals from the old world who are still too familiar with Bangladesh after Liberation. This era should be the time for those born after liberation. We are grateful for the millions who fought to make our country independent but its time to move on. We can stay in our past and deal with dynastic political parties but rather have a party infused with fresh blood, new people interested in making real changes with our system. People who are brave enough to tackle with the corruption that is instilled to the very cores of our society. People who are smart enough of find means to tackle the abject poverty and the illiteracy.
      It is true that what I have espoused so far seems like naïve ideology but the reality is we need people with ideas and patriotism who would think twice about supporting nepotism and favoritism and support the free-market economy more. And LDP with past politicians do not seem to have these qualities necessary for a better Bangladesh .

      Zeenat Syed
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      Subject: [ALOCHONA] Who would support the Liberal Democrats?

      Dear Alochoks
      The Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) have dominated politics for decades.
      The vast majority of those who are unhappy with both parties have been forced to vote for the party they dislike least.
      The Jamaati Islami Party (JI) and Jatiya Party (JP) are both important but have never really been important to swing voters.
      Swing voters tend to vote against the ruling party in protest rather than for the agenda of the opposition.
      It seems to me that the new Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will fill an important vacuum in Bangladeshi politics.
      The LDP will at the very least provide a shelter for many voter groups who are not hardcore supporters of the old parties.
      Here is a list of voter groups that will flock to the LDP. They may not be enough for LDP to win an election. Yet.
      These groups can be identified by their dominant political theme:
      Anti Awami League At Any Cost
      Many voters believe it is essential to keep AL out of power at any cost by voting for BNP at any cost.
      They vehemently oppose AL because they believe it is responsible for illegalities during its terms in power.
      They also believe AL will serve the interests of India. Many of these voters are unhappy with BNP.
      Such voters can now oppose AL, and punish BNP for letting them down, by voting for the LDP.
      Anti Jammati Islami At Any Cost
      Many voters believe it is essential to keep JI out of power at any cost by voting for AL.
      They believe JI is full of traitors from 1971. They also disagree with the ultra conservative Islam promoted by JI.
      The terrorists of the JMB are believed by many to be related to JI. Some of these voters are unhappy with AL.
      Such voters can now oppose JI, and punish AL for letting them down, by voting for the LDP.
      Disgruntled BNP Supporters
      Many voters who have supported BNP for a long time are very unhappy with its recent illegalities and failures.
      They wanted Ziaur Rahman’s legacy continued and they wanted a modern, free market economy.
      However they are angry with price rises for essentials, water and electricity shortages, rampant corruption.
      They believe they can stay true to the roots of BNP by following some of its greatest BNP leaders into the LDP.
      Disgruntled Jatiya Party Supporters
      The JP cannot be ignored. A party without a majority can come to power by winning JP’s support.
      However many JP supporters are unhappy that it has allied itself with BNP.
      More also realize that the party will really struggle when the ageing HRM Ershad cannot lead it.
      Many of these supporters could see a better future by joining the LDP.
      Truly Neutral Voters
      This is perhaps the largest and most important group of voters who may support the LDP.
      Having watched Bangladeshi politics with dismay for decades they have longed for alternatives.
      They have been disappointed by the performances of both LA and BNP in government.
      Many believe they can help democracy and Bangladesh by supporting LDP.
      The Younger Generation
      Though student groups still fight for the big parties they represent a minority of students.
      Most of the younger generation is mainly made up of people born after 1971.
      They have seen little that would make them interested to participate in politics.
      Many of these neutral students could see the LDP as a fresh start for them and their country.   
      Of course it remains to be seen what LDP will actually do.
      It may take a long time to build up a solid base. The LDP may make serious mistakes.
      The LDP maybe bullied – violently – by the other parties.
      But the signs so far are good.
      Ezajur Rahman

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