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The story of 'Cryptic Fate' || LONG LIVE BANGLADESH || OUR MOTHER!

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  • canadianbangladeshi
    The recent undercover deep diplomacy and so called insurgency in our garments castor is another sign of intelligence activity in Bangladesh. You can t
    Message 1 of 5 , May 23, 2006
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      The recent undercover deep diplomacy and so called insurgency in our
      garments castor is another sign of intelligence activity in
      Bangladesh. You can't categorize it in a class of regular strike and
      labor dispute. Some sort of intelligence is trying to paralyze our
      garments and revenue generating industries. How come all the
      destructive actions took place at a time altogether without any prior
      signal. I'm sure it's deep venom of a poisonous snake. Who knows
      what's behind their destructive, ailing minds.

      Bangladesh is well known as one of the largest producer of garments
      and denim goods. It's no wonder that some people are jealous in mode
      of self-interest rather than their patriotism and good worthiness to
      BANGLADESH. I can ensure you they will desperately attempt to crash
      our economy in a civilized manner. You can't identify them like some
      terrorists. They are well prepared, well organized, well dressed, well
      camouflaged and of course well trained. THEY ARE HIRED PLAYERS.

      Bangladeshi economy will become their victim. I guarantee you that
      they'll suck out our blood from economic stratum. Can you imagine
      Bangladeshi economy is weaker than Vietnam and some other countries
      that we can't even think about? Our rambunctious bone head ladies are
      ruling Bangladesh accompanied with some loose tentacle ministers and
      policy makers. Bangladesh is hijacked. It's hijacked by some
      illiterate so called intellectuals. They have big commitments to
      deliver but don't have gust of courage to stand up in front of the
      people for stating what they are actually doing behind the curtains.
      Now, it's the high time to kick their butt. Bangladesh is an emerging
      country and that's the key issue for those envious haters. They are
      passionate about their destructive achievements.

      We are used to in listening their dream machines and some other
      propaganda tools. Regular unprofessional conducts before national
      elections are like a routine. Some foreign agents like MI10, MOSSAD,
      RAW, PSI, CIA have deep interest on out little piece of land because
      of their dominion and they always try to keep their shoes on our head.
      Can you understand what I'm trying to explain? Some sort of covert
      agents are working in Bangladesh and continuously influencing our
      derailed, misled Bangladeshis to play destructive roles in various
      layer of administration, economy and of course in regional politics.
      Bangladesh is digesting a so called concept of rural community
      governance. They use our grassroots level people's impoverished
      existence as tools for destruction. It's relatively easy for them to
      misled and misguide them. Themselves theyr are monsters and they
      create monsters.

      Lighting up garments, industries and burning, destroying, looting
      government and private assets are only to grab Bangladeshi economy
      down. However, it's well planned to fit Bangladesh in the top of
      world's failed nations' list. I can hardly believe our intelligence
      system is that inactive? Bangladesh is crashing only because of our
      over reluctance, sightlessness and nepotism. Who pay for the
      government properties like buses and buildings? Tax payers? People?
      Who are destroying them under the title of PROTEST, STRIKE? Is that
      really a generous way of protesting on disagreements / disputes?

      They have planned to discourage foreign investors and they are willing
      to approach toward the accomplishment in their mission. It's to
      develop a delicacy in our administration and also to hunt down
      BANGLADESH. Most of the Bangladeshi people are so used to in SPOON
      FEEDING habit. They are sleeping. They only wake up at the final S.O.S
      call. Any blow in garments and denim industries means a temporary
      breakdown of our economic backbone. We can't compete with the world
      economy holding a gunnysack of evil people. In any mean, we have to
      remove those terrible viruses from our society. How come a whole bunch
      of people came out on the street for a day light destruction all
      across the country? Tell me, how come they organized these protests
      against garments owners who are ensuring our growth in economy and who
      are the GODS OF BANGLADESHI ECONOMY? Is it possible to loose IRON GRIP
      of economy this way?

      Venomous, wicked, cryptic hired players are doing this only because of
      their core of belief system and in some cases it's because of money.
      They are controlled by a numerous multi-layered command chain. It's
      international. I bet with you that those people who don't want to
      recognize our fair existence and lethally interested to see us as a
      failed, downtrodden, broken, shackled nation are behind the scene. Not
      only because of family and self-interest work for hired players'
      drastic and disparaging actions, but also their subconscious mind,
      blind belief on some misstated version of Islam and social system work
      painstakingly over the scenario.

      Bangladesh is critically embedded in some covert intelligence's long
      time oriented fixture. BEWARE BANGLADESH! Today, it's our garments
      industry. Tomorrow, it'll be something else. Possibly, it'll be more
      effective to their game plan. They want to displace our growth rate
      and they will continuously use our own people against us. I mean our
      natives who are mistreated, misled, mishandled and those who got
      venomous perception about life and death!

      Not only as a MUSLIM nation and a brown skinned race, for some other
      reasons we must be aware of global haters. Bangladesh receives
      numerous nuisances from abroad. I really don't know who are the people
      really interested to see BANGLADESH another version of AFGHANISTAN.

      It's really easy to use illiterate portion of our population against
      the illusive odds. We are living with an optical illusion. Some high
      rises in our capital city are not the healing development of our
      common national disease. We will die with this optical illusion. Our
      economy is getting weak day by day. It'll die next to us. Trust me. We
      are gradually developing massive leakages, illegal black holes and
      economic TUMORS. Someday, it'll turn into a cancerous situation.

      Nobody will save us. You'll not find ministers and MPs bleeding for
      Bangladesh. All they'll do just pack up and leave for abroad life. For
      them, political asylum, refugee claim and hide out are easy in those
      countries where they are enrolled now as covert agents. Their children
      are international students/ living abroad with a premium about of
      comfort and economic freedom. They are having party time in these
      Western countries, using Bangladeshi die hard earned money of the
      underprivileged class. Their parents regularly visit them and refill
      or even flood their bank accounts with HARAM money of Bangladeshi people.

      Whom am I going to complain? Someday, except our almighty God,
      everyone will become despoiled, derailed, corrupted and self biased.
      The life of Bangladeshi export industries are suffering in many ways
      including the WALMART economy and global domination of power hungry
      nations. Now this new insurgence entitled with wage rate disagreement
      is a BRAND NEW TRUMP CARD for those who are eagerly trying to knock
      our economic position down to the stretch. An old issue of child labor
      still makes me laugh that how clever they are who think we will never
      understand the concept of labor multiplication and cost advantage. I
      know what'll be the outcome. You must recall that happy old NETWON'S
      3rd LAW!

      Syed S.N.H
      Toronto, Canada.

      # I apologize for any misstatement and wrong information

    • bipa517
      Dear Alochoks: Why isn t anybody contributing their interesting thoughts on this forum? Especially with so many interesting things coming up like upcoming
      Message 2 of 5 , May 28, 2006
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        Dear Alochoks:

        Why isn't anybody contributing their interesting thoughts on this
        forum? Especially with so many interesting things coming up like
        upcoming elections and subsequent decline in law and order situation,
        BEPZA mob attack, etc. PLease start contributing. We, the young
        generation who want to care for a better Bangladesh, miss your comments.

        [M:IA] We, here at alochona, too want more contribution from you to liven this forum again.
      • A Fattah
        Lindau yearly meet of Nobel Laureate and young scientists The 56th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners with young scientists will take place in the German island
        Message 3 of 5 , Jun 12, 2006
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          Lindau yearly meet of Nobel Laureate and young scientists
          The 56th Meeting of Nobel Prize Winners with young scientists will take place in the German island city of Lindau on the lake Constance (also called Bodensee) from June 25th to June 30th, 2006.

          Every year since 1951, Lindau has hosted an exciting annual get-together of Nobel prize winners in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine/Physiology alternately in a three year cycle for an informal face to face 6 days rendezvous with the young talented student /researchers/scientists from all over the world which can be called �Olympus of world-wide research�.

          This year is the turn of Chemistry. This is the 18th meeting in Chemistry. Twenty-four Laureates in Chemistry and some related field are expected to participate. The organizers are aiming 500 young participants from among undergraduate students, masters and doctoral students and young postdoctoral scientists worldwide. Some young scientists from other disciplines closely related to chemistry shall also be invited. Intermediaries from universities and research institutions select participants based on strict criteria. This year efforts are underway for Bangladeshi students / researchers participation for the first time.

          During morning sessions the Laureates give presentations on topics of their choice. Afternoon sessions devoted to discussions in small group and social events during evenings are designed to facilitate personal contact with the Nobel Prize Winners. A round table discussion on Energy and Global Warming is also planned.

          Since 2004 the meeting of Prize winners in Economic Science every two-year interval has been added. This year it will be held from August 16-19. Some 19 Nobel Laureates and 350 students are expected to attend.
          For more information please refer to http://www.lindau-nobel.de/

          [M:IA] It is a good news that efforts are being undertaken to include Bangladeshis in this years meeting. Could you please elaborate us, Alochok A. Fattah, on how and what efforts are being tried? Is there any part to play from any Bangladeshi organization, govt. or non-govt., to make it succesful?
        • Rahman, Emanur (London
          Dear Alochoks Does nothing really change? You know, I ve been in a state of disarray with my life recently so have taken a back seat in the task of nation
          Message 4 of 5 , Jun 15, 2006
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            Dear Alochoks

            Does nothing really change?

            You know, I've been in a state of disarray with my life recently so have
            taken a back seat in the task of "nation building" - such as it can be
            from sitting here in the UK. Whilst I haven't been participating in
            Alochona, I have been a more frequent visitor to the motherland. My
            children love going - although they much prefer my home village in
            Sylhet than Dhaka (mind you, my preference is also the same!). With each
            trip, my children are slowly beginning to grow attached to their
            motherland and slowly but surely they will become imbued with the same
            love that I have...

            ....and the same concerns?!?!

            Lately I have found myself pondering the lessons that they will learn,
            the issues that they will have and what the experiences will give them.
            I find myself sorting through these assorted tidbits and am saddened,
            disappointed and greatly disappointed that they will be the same as mine
            - even a generation on!

            Here's a novel exercise - based on the following events, see if you can
            pin them to a unique year in our post-independence history:

            - political violence
            - industrial unrest
            - criminals operating with impunity
            - widespread corruption
            - parliamentary boycott
            - personal animosity between major political leaders
            - rehabilitation (nee ascendancy) of war criminals and traitors
            - middle class apathy
            - rich getting richer
            - poor getting poorer
            - international criticism
            - negative image in the international media

            Can you? I can't!

            Interesting that isn't it? What's left to talk about anymore?

            Well, I would like to re-engage with the Alochoks but you know right
            now, although I have so much to say (as many of you well know!) I don't
            really know if I can be bothered!

            I need inspiration, a ray of hope, a glimpse of postitive - I'll settle
            for even a hint of progress!

            Come on Alochoks, what's new?

            That's what I want to know.


            Emanur Rahman, UK

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