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Killing Humayon Kabir Balu and our responsibility

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  • Adnan Syed
    Another renowned journalist Humayon Kabir Balu was brutally killed by bomb attacked. By hearing this news we are shocked and stunned by realizing the fact in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2004
      Another renowned journalist Humayon Kabir Balu was brutally killed by bomb attacked. By hearing this news we are shocked and stunned by realizing the fact in what extend those killers are spinning their fingers in front of the entire nation! Just five months ago we lost another journalist Manik Shaha and he was killed in the same way. It is not really a long time where another political leader Ahsanullah master was killed. Our British high commissioner was lucky enough that he could save his life by the same deadly bomb attacked. As I see, from Bangla Bhai to so called new fangled Islamists zihadist are now very active to shed blood by the name of religion or "sreeni shatru". Wondering, how long this uncouth activities will be tolerated in this land? Where is our law enforcement agencies? Are they blind or technically "blind" to catch those culprits who even don't care to kill people in the daylight?

      It was said that Humayon Kabir was warned by the Purbo bangla Communist Party as he was writing valiantly against any kind of injustice and oppression. He was threatened and demanded for 50,000/tk by these so called declared killers. Even though this incident was informed to the local Police station, unfortunately law enforcement agencies couldn't have done anything for him. It is really sad and shame for our law enforcement agencies that our citizens are no more safe for a single day and there is no assertion to have a peaceful life in this diaspora.

      It has been alarmed that very recently so called 'Islamist zihadist' and 'Shorbo Hara's are rising in Bangladesh with a very fundamental concepts. To save Bangladesh, these organizations must be banned and those culprits should be brought in front of the justice immediately. Our law enforcement agencies must have more space to take action against this kind of heinous and uncouth activities.

      It goes without saying that killing, kidnapping, mastanies, Chadabazies are now rampant in Bangladesh. There are no vigorous efforts in around of us where we can have a fresh breath to live. Our economy is seriously engendered and I don't see any philanthropic taking any initiative action plan to emancipate this nation from its zillions of bondage's. Our political leaders are busy on oiling their own wheels and as a whole, our entire bureaucratic systems are corrupted and failed to run the nation in right direction.

      It is important to have proper law and order to run the nation and we know which is indefeasible for any healthy nation in the world. We don't want to see any more blood shedding for the sake of humanity in our land. Hope present ruling government(BNP) and opposition party Awami league will play an important role in finding out the culprit. Let's establish the law and raise our voice together against any kind of injustice.
      As a citizen of Bangladesh I urge to our government to stop this kind of atrocity immediately. Let's find the culprit who killed a renowned journalist Humayon Kabir and bring them in front of the justice.
      Finally, I denounce this kind of killing as it is extremely despicable.

      Adnan Syed
      New York

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