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Hidden Agenda of Political Exploitation and Our Youth

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  • Rahnuma Afrin
    Hidden Agenda of Political Exploitation and Our Youth Rahnuma Afrin If I do not involve myself with any political party, I ll become vulnerable from all
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      Hidden Agenda of Political Exploitation and Our Youth

      Rahnuma Afrin

      "If I do not involve myself with any political party, I'll become
      vulnerable from all angles. Either I have to be a party man or at
      least an active supporter, otherwise local leaders who have very
      strong arm cadres will bring allegation against me, police will arrest
      me, there is no way I can escape. After sentenced in the jail, I have
      to join the political party or the local leader anyway. This is how we
      have to count on our lives!"

      This is a very common scenario for adolescent boys in Bangladesh
      nowadays. It is truer for the poor boys than the middle class boys.
      Middle class youth becomes victims of political exploitation in the
      university and sometimes in the college premises. But these adolescent
      boys from the poor families who usually live in the slums or from the
      lower income level, they are very easily exploited for political
      purposes. They are used in political processions, making bombs,
      creating violence, threatening people, and picketing during hartals,
      so on and so forth. Gradually, these poor boys and youths become
      interested in arm politics, because they are able to earn some money
      by involving in procession and making bombs, and extorting people.
      These incomes eventually become their spending for illegal drug
      purchases. If police arrests them, political parties make arrangement
      to release them. Derailed youth and adolescent boys sometime have
      group fighting against each other, which keep boys always terrified.

      Is there any affect on girls as well? The answer is very positive.
      This type of political exploitation and violence indirectly affects
      the girls and young women a lot. A smart amount of pocket money is
      used for enjoying vulgar and sick recreation (Zatra, Blue film, Bangla
      movie etc.). The social environment encourages the male counterpart to
      abuse the girls. Since the guilty or convicted has never been
      punished, they never fear the law and order. These derailed and
      politically exploited boys have hidden power of arms and since they
      are with the political parties or terrorists, they are always above
      all judgments. Parents are scared of them, because some influential or
      powerful people in the society always support them. Parents of these
      girls don't seek justice from the leaders or police, because if
      community knows that the girl is harassed or abused, it will be hard
      to arrange marriage for the victimized girl, oftentimes it becomes
      tougher for their younger sisters to coexist. Girls become victims of
      bullying, teasing, sexual harassment and abuse while extreme victims
      are the poor girls. Social degradation also affects all girls and
      women irrespective of status.

      While asking the issues of bullying and teasing, the adolescent boys
      came up with the root causes of the malpractice. Due to inadequate
      employment opportunity, adolescent boys spend idle time beside the
      road; there is no playground or club for boys. Youth themselves termed
      it as, "Idle brain is the field of evil work." Spoiled adults or youth
      encourage the adolescent boys to follow their misdeeds. Negative
      media, especially quality of Bangla movie has declined so much that
      excessive degree of violence and almost close to pornography are the
      main issues of spoiling these boys. For instance, there is a scene
      where the villain cuts one?s chest and grabs the heart by hand and
      chews it. Rape is being socialized through the movies; this is shown
      as part of male chauvinism. Bangla movie stimulates boys to practice
      vulgarism in real life.

      Dear readers, we concentrate so much on children and adults. Have we
      ever thought about these adolescents and youths? Can't we have a
      united and strong position, whatever the situation and arrangement for
      the adults; we would ensure a secure, positive, learning and creative
      environment for our future generation? While all political parties are
      talking about "Ujjol Bhobishshot Projonmo" (bright future generation),
      can't we have that courage to ask my party to stop exploiting these
      boys and youths? Let's think and do something before changing
      Bangladesh to a total hell forever!!


      [M:MS] This article is a part of the June issue of Alochona magazine.
      Read the entire issue here: http://alochona.hypermart.net/magazine/
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