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Hartal Photos and Rescue of Elias

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  • Modasser Hossain
                                               Rescue of Elias, or Destabilizing Government through Violence and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2012

                                             Rescue of Elias, or Destabilizing Government
    through Violence and Vandalism?
    BNP leader Elias Ali was reportedly missing from April 17 midnight . The government took initiatives to rescue him immediately after being informed. But the BNP and its alliance have resorted to vandalism and violence instead of cooperating with the government to rescue him. Following his disappearance, the main opposition, BNP its main ally Jamaat and other alliance members, have been creating untold sufferings and misery to public life by staging successive hartals (for 5 days in total) in which they resorted to violence, arson, murder and horror to public life.
    The BNP-Jamat alliance has made the disappearance of Elias Ali an issue to destabilize the democartic government. Meanwhile, a number of people have succumbed to their violence. The supporters of ‘hartal’ (general strike) have been damaging vehicles, public installations and attacking the law enforcing agencies and general people on the street. The shops, restaurants, banks, market places etc. were set ablaze by them (during the first day of hartal). The normal life of the people was seriously affected through hindering their natural movements, chasing on-street by BNP and alliance activists and hoodlums. Before the first day of hartal (April 21), a bus was set ablaze and the innocent bus driver was burnt to death. On the same day seven more buses were set on fire. A micro-bus driver succumbed to injuries in Savar when chased by the pro-hartal activists on 23 April. In addition, five people died when the hartal supporters went on violent, affected normalcy in public life, created huge destruction to public property, attacked police station and the UNO’s office at Biswanath, Sylhet. When police tried to disperse the hooligans and unruly activists, at some point, two persons died out of the violent clash, another one died after being taken to hospital. The law enforcing agencies have been maintaining utmost restraint while facing the siatuation created by the BNP and its alliance in the name of hartal. It is obvious that they have been continuing violence and vandalism with the evil intention of destabilizing the peaceful, democratic atmosphere.
    During the five days of the hartal in the last two weeks, the hartal supporters attacked and were furious to common people whosoever came out of home for various necessities. Rickshaws, autorickshaws, cars, buses and every means of public transport could not escape their fury. They did not even hesitate to attack the patients who were rushing to hospitals and health care centres. The education boards had to cancel the ongoing Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations several times for avoiding hartal and damage to students’ life and tranquility. Students of different institutions have raised their voice against the violent hartals.  The price of the essentials has gone up while vegetables and perishable items have remained piled up at the production centres entailing huge loss of the producers. The manual workers, small traders and peasants have been suffering financial loss.  The business community appealed to the oppostion BNP to stop hartals for the sake of economy.  But BNP has no care and concern for the economy of the country.
    Law enforcing agencies have been deployed in huge numbers to protect the life and property of the people from the violence of the hartal supporters.  The concentartion of the law enforcing agencies on finding out Elias Ali has therefore been disturbed due to the hartal situations. It could be easy to conduct the investigations more intensely to find out Mr. Elias Ali should the BNP restrained from calling hartal or other destructive activities and extended cooperation to the law enforce agencies. But the fact is that BNP is more interested in creating havoc rather than finding out Elias Ali as a ploy to destabilize the democratic government.
    The much talked about harsh fact behind the disappearance of Elias Ali is ascribed by many to his personal and political activities. He created numerous enemies during his student and political life. He was known as one of the terrors in the Dhaka University campus. There were so many murder charges against him. He was expelled from the Dhaka University in 1987 for his terrorist activities. Elias Ali is ill-reputed as the ring leader of the terrorists who killed the BNP’s student front leader Bazlur Rahman Shahid alias ‘Pagla’ (Crazy) Shahid on 11 December, 1988 and Mamun and Mahmud, two leaders of the same student  front on December 04, 1992 . One person was killed when Elias group and Ratan group of BNP student front were engaged in a gun fight on August 03, 1992 . In addition, this Elias Ali was arrested on charge of killing BNP student leader Mirza Galib and Chattro League leader Liton on 16 June 1992 . The new Committee of the BNP’s student front was constituted with Elias Ali as General Secretary, but that committee had to be dissolved only within there months on charge of his involvement in the terrorist activities.
    Mr. Elias created terrorism in his constituency Bishwanath-Balagonj after being elected MP in 2001. He created a group of cadres after his name (to be known as Elias Group) who took to the streets openly to exterminate the opposition leaders and activists. At last, the charges on attempt to murder of British High Commissioner, Mr. Anwar Chawdhury and the murder of former Finance Minister Mr. S A M S Kibria were also labelled against him. It is assumed in general that the enemies created by Elias Ali during his student and political life may have involvement in his disappearance.
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