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  • Steven
    RAW FRIENDS DIGEST In the news.. We have been blessed with many leaders stepping up to the plate regarding the Andressohns. One of those dynamic and powerful
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2006




      In the news….

      We have been blessed with many leaders stepping up to the plate regarding the Andressohns. One of those dynamic and powerful leaders is none other than Victoria Boutenko. We all know it takes a team effort to get a project off the ground and this is what the Raw Family is all about. Igor, Sergei and Valya play very important roles. However, Victoria is the one behind the scenes doing massive amounts of research so she can bring you her new and refreshing ideas. In fact, her ideas and writing have been so grand that she has been nominated as a finalist for the Prestigious 2006 IPPY National Book Awards! WOW is all we can say here at RAW FRIENDS.








      Read on….

      Victoria Boutenko has donated 1 case (60) of her Powerful book...”Green for Life’ toward the Andressohn cause. (Each one of these books will have a special emblem attached (see above) representing her nomination.) As many of you know, the Andressohns have been on a mission to gain the company of their children after a daunting 30 months of no contact. If you’re not familiar with the case, you may visit http://www.rawfriends.com/andressohns.html to discover all the details. Then be sure to read our updates page at http://www.rawfriends.com/updates.htm  

      I just hung up the phone with Lamoy Andressohn after she explained what a wonderful visit she and her husband Joseph had on Tuesday. She also shared that they looked at a house for rent that had three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a back yard big enough to grow a garden. While Joseph is busy doing lawn care (sometimes 12 hours per day) Lamoy is preparing gourmet dishes for her clients. They have been living like church mice in order to save every penny so they can meet the courts requirements thus allowing them to have the children every weekend from Friday evening to Monday morning starting June first! At the end of the summer...they will have FULL custody and their family will be reunited after a 38 month battle.

      What are the requirements?

      ·      A working/reliable vehicle

      ·      A home for everyone to live in

      ·      Both parents working


      What you can do…

      The Andressohns both have jobs and do have a vehicle even though is does need some work. The next big step is the deposit for a new home. In the past we’ve been asking for your help and are VERY grateful to those of you who have helped from the depths of your heart. Now were able to give you something for your donation. Anyone who would like a brand new copy of Green For Life” may send a check/cash/money order made out to “Joseph Andressohn” in the amount of $17.95. This equates to $14.95 and $3.00 for shipping. These books are packaged and ready for shipment. As soon as we get your check we will send you this dynamic book. Or, if you would like to donate via PayPal or credit card, you may go to http://www.rawfriends.com/opendonations.php to make things faster. Be sure to enter $17.95 for the book and shipping! This case of books equates to a total of $900.00 to help the Andressohns get their new home to reunite their family. Please send an e-mail to Victoria Boutenko at info@... and thank her for being SO generous!!!

      You can also support the Andressohns when making any purchase of equipment from the Raw Friends store. We have 9 tray dehydrators with 5 FREE teflex sheets and a FREE nutmilk bag. Other items include the famous Saladacco slicer and the Lifetime Klean Kanteen stainless steal water bottle. You can access our store by either going to our home page http://www.rawfriends.com/ and clicking in the RAW FRIENDS STORE icon or go directly to our store at http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfrppZ50QQfsooZ1QQfsopZ1QQrdZ0QQsassZrawfasting


      RAW FRIENDS.com

      We only have 60 of these books and they are going fast so please hurry with your donation and support a worthy cause




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