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    RAW FRIENDS DIGEST Discover the proven and successful way to GET RAW and STAY RAW!!! Going raw can be confusing and intimidating. There s a lot more to the raw
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      Discover the proven and successful way to GET RAW and STAY RAW!!!

      Going raw can be confusing and intimidating. There’s a lot more to
      the raw living foods lifestyle than just eating salads! For a detailed
      list of handbooks, instructional videos and how-to guides, please visit

      www.chidiet.com and learn how to STAY RAW!!!


      Welcome to the latest update of the Andressohn family, who was struck down by the State of Florida for feeding their children living food and partaking of a living food lifestyle! Great things are happening as we’re getting closer to reuniting the children with their parents full time! Yes indeed, you did read that correctly! Read on…


      UP TO SPEED…


      Last we had heard, the Andressohns were able to have supervised visitation of one hour per week at a government facility. This is a facility where all of the interactions are monitored between the parents and the children. This started on January 10th, when Joseph and Lamoy were first allowed to visit their four beautiful children after 30 months of not seeing or hearing from them. Ask yourself how you would handle such an upset in your life, i.e., your children being wrongfully stolen from you! Even though the Andressohns felt wrongfully accused, they followed every requirement to the letter of the law, knowing that this would be the only way to get the children back into their loving home.





      Joseph has been working in lawn care, keeping his hands and feet as close to mother earth as possible. He’s working with a neighbor, and now sees the value of turning this God-given talent into a livelihood. Joseph wants to venture out on his own to create a structured business making relationships with different clients, allowing him to generate an income for his family. However, his Toyota van seems to be challenged with some minor transmission problems, and he could sure use your help. We’ll share an address to send a love offering regarding the repair of his van.


      Lamoy has now taken her skills of preparing living food into building her own client base, teaching and coaching people how to achieve total wellness. Lamoy is a true pioneer and a woman with many skills. And she does all of this while still taking care of her 11-month-old beautiful baby girl, Joyah.




      Joyah is still breast feeding after 11 months, and weighs a whopping 16.5 lbs. I heard her cooing in the background today as I spoke to Lamoy. Dr Flora tells me that Baby Joyah is doing perfectly fine. Keep reading so you can discover how to see pictures of Joyah and all the Andressohn children!.




      When asking the other children if they want to come back and live with their parents, their answer was this: “We would like to live with you and Aunt Mary 50/50. When asked why they still want to live with Aunt Mary, their answer was, ”We like the food better at Aunt Mary’s.” Note: Two of the children said these things. One wants to come home full time, under any conditions. Now, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I smell some serious programming going on. Remember, these children have been with Aunt Mary for almost 3 years, and there were many times Aunt Mary seemed to be against the Andressohns during the original trial. Why did this happen? It’s my opinion that she fell in love with the children because of their likable nature, and didn’t know how to let go. This is another fine example of what living food and agape love will do for children raised in a loving home. Maybe Aunt Mary couldn’t get her children to behave or respond to her love, because they were partaking of the wrong fuel for their precious bodies. It really doesn’t matter, because there is no greater attraction than the love from your own real parents. The Andressohns know their true agape love will win over the temptation and addictions of food! In relating to the Andressohns lately, Aunt Mary has been much more positive. Please pray for this situation.


      (Note: When the court asked one of the children to share what their top four favorite foods were, he said, “Baked potato, baked yam, roasted corn and soft shell tacos.”)




      Last Tuesday, April 18th, the Andressohns were once again in the hot seat, placing their lives in the court’s hands. They were pleading with the court to allow them an extra hour each week. After the judge listened to all the testimony, she granted them this extra hour. BUT WAIT…that’s not all! She also granted the Andressohns full weekends with their children, starting at the end of May, when school gets out. This is wonderful news, but shouldn’t we be asking when they will be totally reunited? Well, it seems the judge was ahead of us, reading our minds, as she ordered that the children will be reunited with the parents full time at the end of the summer, just before they go back to school.


      If some of you remember some of the facts from the original story, you will clearly remember Dr. Lambert lying to the courts in the very first days, when he blatantly said the children had rickets. This day the judge asked him how he felt today about this case and the Andressohns, and he told the court, ”Even though I was on the opposite side, Joseph and Lamoy always gave me the time of day, no matter what was going on.” He then went on to ask the judge PLEASE to return the children to these parents, as this has gone on long enough. He also added that they were very capable to take care of their children. It’s amazing once again to see love at work, even when the Andressohns had every reason to be totally disgusted with this misinformed doctor. Instead, they tapped into God as their source, and showed love for the enemy, knowing they would prevail. It’s not often “anyone” in this world does a 180, and especially a doctor standing in a courtroom, under oath. This is truly a powerful example of what God can and will do for you when you love your enemies. If there is one thing I have learned from both Joseph and Lamoy, it is about humility and pure agape love. Whenever I’m feeling down, or a victim of life, I just have to pick up the phone and get a good dose of these two wonderful qualities from these beautiful souls.


      With that said, we still desire help to pay Dr. Flora for all the money she put up regarding the bail. (125,000) You may go to http://www.rawfriends.com/donations.htm and share your heartfelt donation with us and receive a gift of equal value. Or you can just donate from your heart. You may also donate directly to Dr Flora at this address…


      Dr. Flora Van Orden

      PO Box 900963

      Homestead, FL  33090



      If you would like to donate directly to the Andressohns for help in repairing their van, this would be most helpful allowing Joseph to forge ahead to build his lawn care business and give the family some stability.


      Please send your donations for the van to this address…


      Joseph Andressohn

      10740 SW 175th street

      Miami FL 33157


      If you have questions or would like to speak to the Andressohns please e-mail me and I’ll get you in touch with them! They love getting support from new people and are wonderful to converse with.





      Even though this all looks good on paper, we still desire some help achieving certain conditions of the court. The court has requested that the Andressohns have three items secure in their life before bringing the children back home. This is where YOU come in!!! First and foremost is solid work, toward which both Joseph and Lamoy have been diligently working. They have the desire to work, and, as I shared earlier, Joseph is striving to be in business for himself. This brings up the second stipulation, which is a reliable vehicle. The vehicle is needed for many reasons, and most importantly to provide safety and reliability for the children as a family unit. Lamoy will also use the van when she has to deliver her living food to some of her clients, and Joseph will need this vehicle to transport some of his tools for his lawn care business. As you can see, many aspects of their life surround a reliable vehicle, so I once again urge you to consider donating directly to this cause. Last on the list, and surely not the least, would be adequate housing. Joseph and Lamoy are very confident they can and will provide a wonderful loving environment in a home that’s good for everyone. The best way to do this is having a reliable vehicle, so the burden of a breakdown is no longer an issue.




      When I was speaking to Lamoy today, we were sharing about what a journey this has been, and it’s far from over. Even though they have been SO blessed with many wonderful gifts and people, Lamoy has asked for your prayers regarding the appeal of the neglect charges. Super powerhouse attorney Justice Fields is back in the game, writing briefs for the appeal, every day knowing we’re coming closer and closer. Also remember that the judge did appoint attorney Ellis Rubin and his partner to represent the Andressohns on the appeal. This was a miracle in itself, and we’re so very pleased. BUT its not time to rest on these winnings and miracles, rather to step up to the plate and turn up the heat even more. Tap into the power of God, asking for His mighty blessings to bring justice to the Andressohns.


      We have touched many lives with this case, and there are so many more to touch. We are seed planters, just as others who have walked this earth were, and it’s our duty to continue on. Lamoy was sharing that when she leaves the house, venturing into public places, people from all walks of life approach her on a daily basis. They say things like, “Thanks for hanging in there,” and “We’ve been praying for you the entire time.” Others will say, ”It’s great that you are standing up for yourselves.” Lamoy tells me she is approached by many people every day, knowing that she is touching so many lives for the stand she and Joseph are taking.





      We are prevailing, and will continue to do so as we forge ahead, but still desire your help with all the above mentioned items. Prayer is the most powerful item on the list, and we know all of you can pray. Thank you for your prayers. Secondly is your heartfelt donation for the Andressohns, allowing them the flexibility to bring their van to safe standards, thus allowing them to conform with the court’s stipulation that they have a reliable vehicle. And, thirdly, we would ask that you think about anyone in the Miami area who may be able to help the Andressohns directly with some of their challenges. Maybe you know someone who owns a vehicle and would donate it to the Andressohns. The donator would receive a much larger tax break from a donation than from selling the vehicle to a private party.


      On a final note, Lamoy asked me to thank personally each and every one of you for your support, and mostly for your prayers!




      Go here PICTURES to view the family!




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      Steven Gibb



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