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  • Steven
    SUPPORT INNOCENT RAW KIDS!!! By now most of you know the plight of the Andressohn s. http://www.rawfriends.com/andressohns.html Thank you from the depths of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2005




      By now most of you know the plight of the Andressohn’s. http://www.rawfriends.com/andressohns.html  Thank you from the depths of my heart to those of you who have stepped up to the plate and donated. To the rest of you…this needs to be said:


      The Andressohn Children are your children! If you’re raw and feeding a raw child, you are at risk that a government bureaucracy, based on a neighbors whisper, will take your child and feed it the “SAD” diet…which we all know is basically garbage. It’s no more complicated than that and a very simple equation.


      For you, this case is NOT a manslaughter case. Forget how the infant died…its totally irrelevant. The other four children were being fed a balanced organic, raw vegan diet. They were glowing! Strangers would “marvel” at their clarity. For you…this case is about the government trying to define a raw food diet as criminal child neglect punishable by many years in jail away from your children. Of course you would NEVER neglect your child such that it could die. Neither did the Andressohns!!! Like you, they are loving parents with their children’s best interest at heart…and they need your support. Money is the least of it…they need YOU to believe in their cause because it is simple YOUR cause! And for the grace of God, go inward, as the saying goes. Open up your hearts, suspend your judgments and doubt to believe what you intuitively know to be true. Be true unto yourself.


      Call Joseph or Lamoy Andressohn and hold high in your heart the dream of their freedom as this equates to your freedom as well. Imagine their re-unification of their family and the outpouring of joy after NO contact for 26 months. Step into their shoes for a moment and know the strength, love, devotion, the one pointedness of belief that represents their article of faith!


      Stay tuned because it won’t be long before the process unfolds. Either way, you WILL be part of the process. Either you get out of the dugout and start swing for a home run or you sit in the dugout with the rest of the bench warmers. Which one will it be?! By not making a choice…you ARE making a choice. Your choice is not to support a cause that you claim so adamantly to support and believe in. Don’t be like the raw food guru’s, pacesetters and so called leaders who aren’t taking a stand. Let us little people come together and unite for a cause that will be in the history books of the future.


      Remember what Lamoy Andressohn said when I asked her how she felt during this entanglement. He answer is this…”I’m not sure why I’m on this journey but I know its for a good reason. And I’m honored that God chose me to walk this path. I’m not upset with the people of the state of Florida because they feel they are doing their job and protecting me and my children. Yes it’s difficult to be on the hot seat for the entire movment but I have to do it for the children of the future!


      Go to http://www.rawfriends.com/andressohns.html to determine if you’re a bench warmer or the real deal!!!


      Steven Gibb



      The Andressohns can be contacted at 305.242.7601


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