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Manchester Bluff: A Civil War Novel

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    *** ALL TREASURE TALES USA ***Manchester Bluff: A Civil War Novel New historical fiction provides personal perspective to Civil War, battle of Gettysburg
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      Manchester Bluff: A Civil War Novel
      New historical fiction provides personal perspective to Civil War, battle of Gettysburg
      Author J. D. Proffitt depicts one man's battle against the plans of both the Confederacy and a secret society during the Civil War in "Manchester Bluff: A Civil War Novel"
      JACKSONVILLE, Ill. (MMD Newswire) September 26, 2011 - - The inspiration behind J. D. Proffitt's desire to write a historical novel came from his love of reading about history and the Civil War, as well as his upbringing in history-rich Alexander, Ill. In his book, "Manchester Bluff: A Civil War Novel" (ISBN 1461173620), he combines lesser-known facts about his native state of Illinois with prominent moments surrounding the battle of Gettysburg to create an entertaining fictional story based on true historical accounts.
      Jason Alexander is a college student who finds that his school, Illinois College, has abruptly closed its doors in 1862. Instead of being allowed to finish his education, Jason, the son of the largest cattle rancher in the Union, must travel to Washington and report to the war department.
      His journey from the frontier of Illinois to the busy streets of Washington is made in the company of Miss Anna Ella Carroll, a close friend of President Abraham Lincoln. Their trip is met with adversity as Jason interrupts an attempt on Miss Carroll's life by a member of the subversive Knights of the Golden Circle. Their relationship blossoms as Carroll turns into a mentor for young Jason, providing him with advice on how to survive the politics of the war department and the enemies of the Union.
      "I grew up in a historically significant town and teach at the oldest college in the state, so my love of history is definitely an important factor in my life. My hope is that readers will love the story and appreciate the history that is softly woven throughout 'Manchester Bluff,'" Proffitt says.
      "Manchester Bluff" blends several of the lesser-known events leading up to one of the deadliest battles of the Civil War with an entertaining story and notable list of characters. Proffitt believes the eight month period prior to Gettysburg was the most critical in shaping the Union victory. He also feels that the popular topic of Gettysburg allows readers to learn about the significant involvement of central Illinois in the Civil War. He hopes his novel becomes an entertaining and enlightening read for historical and Civil War buffs of all ages.
      "Manchester Bluff: A Civil War Novel" is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.
      About the Author:
      J. D. Proffitt is an assistant professor at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Ill. Before becoming an educator, Proffitt spent time as an engineer and an officer on a United States Navy destroyer in the Pacific fleet. His lifelong interest in the Civil War is what inspired him to write this historical fiction novel. He uses historical events and personal settings based around his hometown to create a more interesting storyline.
      J. D. Proffitt
      Email:  jdproffittbooks@...
      Website: www.jdproffittbooks.com
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