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US Civil War - The Second Revolution

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    *** ALL TREASURE TALES USA ***US Civil War - The Second Revolution by admin (unless otherwise linked) HISTORY OF THE PROTOCOLS OF SION
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      US Civil War - The Second Revolution
      by admin (unless otherwise linked)
      EXCERPT: "AFTER THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Washington DC was built in 1790. Washington aquired territories coast to coast then it was time for civil war for total control of the territories.
      "The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) was a secret society originally founded to promote the interests of the Southern United States. It was to prepare the way for annexation of a golden circle of territories in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean to be included in the United States as slave states."
      In the north Copperhead politicians were also KGC - Irish Catholic agents of the Vatican. John Wilkes Booth is believed by many to have been a member of the secret revolutionary society.
      President Lincoln Assassination by the Vatican
      10 conspirators:
      4 hanged by the federal government
      4 imprisoned
      1 shot
      1 escaped- John Surratt was found at the Vatican
      The southern states of the USA were the only Protestant stronghold in all of the Americas. After the Civil War Washington DC founded the Pan-American Union that rules all of North and South America, today called the Organization of the American States.
      Sister society of the Mason-Templars, after the Civil War the KGC became the Knights of the KKK[2] to divide the Blacks from the Protestant Christians. The Templar society would often burn crosses to instill fear of anything Christian."
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