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  • Hoang Ho
    ... Hoang Ho Consulting Treasure/recycle Div. Presents: Las Vegas Project One - Revolutionary war sites that include..... (1)Forts and Trading Posts with
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      --- In meancosmalltalk@yahoogroups.com, Hoang Ho
      > This project is just starting. Get involved if you want to...

      Hoang Ho Consulting Treasure/recycle Div. Presents:

      Las Vegas Project One - Revolutionary war sites that include.....

      (1)Forts and Trading Posts with underground rooms and storage.

      (2) Bivouac areas used by troops/miners and Leadership

      (3) Storage areas for munitions and heavy metals.

      (4) Battle site

      The history books do not reflect that the Revolutionary War
      scenario was played out here in Las Vegas.
      Hoang Ho, Consulting CEO and Las Vegas 1 project manager for
      Treasure/recycle division says that there is plenty of evidence and
      there is a great opportunity to get involved in the ID and recovery
      process. Hoang Ho worked for Barry Clifford of Maritime Explorations
      and also Mel Fisher who recovered the Atocha wreck. Hoang Ho Consultants are ready to pursue a collections and/or lawsuit regarding our input and lack of compensation. Hoang Ho found both wrecks.

      There is a lack of support from the history books regarding our current claims and ready sites in the SW. Hoang Ho attributes that to a number of factors, not in the least of which was the secretive nature of the mining operations out here back then.(See Press Release) The properties that include potential treasure sites are
      listed below.
      Hoang Ho Consulting has a Design Division as well and has
      been working in conjunction with Treasure/recycle Div. to work out a
      plan for the properties.

      There are a few property owners in the site
      that includes a fort, training areas and bivouac and storage areas in
      Las Vegas near the Nelliss AFB. The land is zoned for Parks or
      casinos and both might be an added plus for the City and the property owners. Here is a chance to identify an added asset
      for the property owners...Historically valuable artifact potential
      not to mention possible heavy metal storage like gold and silver.

      Hoang Ho has also found mining areas in the mountains surrounding Las
      Vegas. Mean Co. Inc made a presentation to the Clark
      Commissioners . Hoang Ho Consulting now files claims according to Federal Abandoned Property law
      (keyword) treasure trove. The law states that an agreement with the
      property owner is a compromise to the law.

      Hoang Ho is an artist, and has taken photos of some of the sites
      in the Las Vegas area and painted pictures of what it might have
      looked like back then in 1770's thru early 1800's. He has posted some
      internet inquries at some relevant sites and hopes to get experts to
      help support his claims. A thorough excavation would take years, but
      the added value to the community would be worth it, says Ho. The
      properties in question are mostly between Lamb and Nellis Blvds on
      Las Vegas Blvd. North. Hoang Ho will be happy to show interested
      parties where he is talking about. The areas are currently vacant
      land, a failed strip mall, and horse paths and dirt roads.

      The properties are listed as follows according to the Clark County
      parcel #.............
      Parcel # 14008501001 lot at light piles corner of N. Las Vegas Blvd and Puebla at Tortilla factory.
      (note adjacent turn in area = # 02 end digits. to the North.)
      CEO noting lanscape hand dig crew = no dust permit needed.

      Nellis Dev. Corp parcel # 14005802005 PO 34735 Las Vegas
      89133 Duel Grounds

      Las Vegas Lamont LLC # 14005703006 3445 S. Valley View Blvd Las
      Vegas 89102 Primary bivouac area - leadership - piles - tires
      this parcel has been compromised by current construction at the site. Hoang Ho has examined the site and has determined that there is no way that the construction crews didNOT find materials that probably included bullion and cannon balls and other stores and artifacts. A legal study of this is being considered.

      Tarighi Bahman,M and Farideh parcel # 14008501001 Star Living
      Trust 2827 S. Monte Cristo LVNV 89117

      Fleming KE parcel # 14005801002 (001) PO 27380 LVNV 89126 busy
      work and 2nd bivouac area - Military

      Morales Family Trust parcel # 14005801004

      Alexander Park L L C parcel # 14005801004 also 14005801005 Recently developed area Roman Road runs NW and SE
      demarcations evident

      William D Stewart parcel # 14008401001 Fort w/ underground area

      Jen Mar Investment parcel # 1400801005

      Abushousheh parcel # 14008301003

      Exposition Transportation LE Co. parcel # 14008101007 http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp/getparcel=14008101007

      old underground fort area SE corner (since flattened by construction crews.. Hoang Ho Consulting Design Div interested in recent medical diagnosis for heavy equipment operator for this work . There was evidence of toxic/nuke waste dumps in the area. Possible health hazard remains.

      Josephs family land L P parcel # 14008301004 also 08-202-004 2124
      Paradise Rd and 1639 E Tropicana LV - graveyard Rev War era.


      Las Vegas Marion parcel # 14008203004 also 05&06 BlueBird and dump Bivouac and storage

      These property owners own land that is adjacent to one another,
      Hoang Ho Consulting hopes to interest the land owners in a project that might include a Park System and possible themed casino.
      After talking with the Clark County Planning office he learned that
      Las Vegas is well below the minimum Park to Housing ratio mandated by
      the state. The plan may help to improve the ratio.


      These parcels listed below are not in the area of the ones above but are being listed here as a result of a general study of the area that includes Las Vegas and Clark County.

      These parcels have been identified by Hoang Ho CEO and Project manager for Las Vegas as having Lost and Abandoned property on the lot. This may include heavy metals and/or artifacts.

      139-19-501-012 Station Casino Partners 5850 Canoga Ave # 650 , Woodland Hills , California. 01367 Related to Revolutionary War Era 18th century http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=13919501012

      Mark Dennis Parcel at 10th and Garces related to Jeff/Adams 18th century http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=13934810110

      Gladiator Pit related to Roman Era ( we have located another one of these in CNY) http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=16219203005

      H St and Byrnes http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=13922401001 Related to Revolutionary war Era 18th century

      Custis owned lot at Waverly and Cinncinatti area. This lot is perhaps one of the places that has artifacts including cannon from Marblehead, Mass and Fort Sewell. http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp.openweb.asp?getparcel=16106816030

      Nguyen lot related to Rev War era and dead palm trees due to metal leachate. http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=13932801009

      Roman punishment.crucifiction area MLK at Malls area http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=13904715001 also same area chariot tracks? at http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=13904416001

      Lassen Mkts holdings behind Mahoney's Silver Nuggett casino includes Mahoneys 'platform dirt/duel grounds similar to old grounds at Nelliss and N LV blvd corner lot. These platforms also used for dances and Military Formation. http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=13923601002 also adjacent lot related to Rev War era and underground fort/round and also storage area for metals and patrol.

      H and Jackson 139 27 110 069

      Pres. Garfield buried at 6th and Garces 139 34 410 216

      Greek?Roman era estimated to be artwork of some sort possibly statues at http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?getparcel=16107802009

      Racetrack at Durango North http:gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?=getparcel12505803002
      adjacent spot is circle formed in dirt at http://gisgate.co.clark.nv.us/openweb/asp/openweb.asp?=getparcel12504301002 this is on the Lamb State park property.

      Treasure/recycle Division is asking interested parties
      to contact twomtns2002@... surface mail and packages to PO 1621 Las Vegas NV 89125


      Hoang Ho Consulting is making this a presentation in hopes of attracting legal and other investment partners. Our policy will be to manage and identify the parcels that have the most historical/cultural/environmental significance. We will file claims on parcels for development. Unclaimed parcels that attract outside development will be monitored and perhaps a billing program will be initiated for any net profit potential interms of our consulting input. Hoang Ho Consulting offers this information as a public service, and a program of Private investment...public grants and Non-profit corporate support will be solicited. PT and retirees welcome to inquire. Hoang Ho is available for possible field trips and/or school guest lectures.

      Hoang Ho Consulting is currently in Las Vegas, NV

      Hoang Ho artwork is available for private gallery/studio viewing by appt. only...
      Legal note...
      this post at Yahoogroups represents, in our opinion , intent to file claim on the parcels not currently claimed in a formal published media. Current construction and plans for same include some sites not published in this post. Now is the time to contact Hoang Ho and be a project manager for specific sites now being considered for new construction. Property owwners have a chance to spend some time digging for our locations, and a chance that it will pay for your entire project!

      Hoang Ho Consulting is always ready to entertain an offer for one or more sites. Entire Treasure/recycle Division value estimated to be in the billions of dollars and a real offer for a corporate consulting position and/or sale of this Treasure/recycle Division will be considered.


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