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Treasure posting must read

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  • Treasure Geezer
    August 15, 2006 It has been many moons since I posted anything, and I know some of you thought I had assumed room temperature, for sure; but Geezers just
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2006
      August 15, 2006

      It has been many moons since I posted anything, and I know some of
      you thought I had assumed "room temperature," for sure; but Geezers
      just take longer naps. I finally have something I can't wait to
      share. There is a free posting that simply must not be missed!
      Find it on the public side of TreasureSecrets.com and scroll down to
      read Chapter 9 of "Secret Things, Secret Places." I say it is unlike
      any other treasure article, and I should know after all the "fluff"
      I have endured. I was curious and found it when I caught the talk
      show interview, and from the expression on his face I know the
      author, E. Earl Webb, was sincere in insisting it was too personal
      to discuss any part on the air, and he felt it wrong to use it for
      monetary gain, and would post it free to all.

      I did not expect the treasure tip from coming from such an unusual
      source, and it "knocked the socks off," my treasure buddies. I
      could see why he would have preferred keeping a lid on this
      particular event, and just take it with him to the grave. I
      understand his hunting buddy was also unsure about revealing what
      was undoubtedly the most remarkable event of their lives. I suspect
      most of us have secrets, but I could never keep such an incredible
      stroke of luck hush-hush. So little happens hereabouts we spend too
      much time comparing our surgeries.

      I would ask my fellow forum members to be kind, and when you tell
      others to read it, please do not give away any part and diminish the
      surprise, as such delights are rare to folks like myself.

      It is great to finally have something to post! And yes, it is true;
      I have not posted or wrote since last year. Some assumed I had
      assumed "room temperature" for sure; but Geezers don't just pass
      away quietly: What we do "pass" may smell that way. Yet, when I
      pass, at last, my heirs say I will still be useful, and somewhat
      proactive to the other residents of our retirement complex: They
      threaten to bury me out front with my boney rear exposed for a dandy
      bike rack thieves would avoid.

      Well it's good to be useful, even needed, but now I need to take a
      nap. Pushing these heavy verbs up against nouns has me tuckered.
      Write me sometime, or post to the forum; though sending me funds
      would be even better. Take your choice, but be quick while I'm a
      geezer that's still a breather! I'll be in this chair rocking,
      waiting for my browser to start knocking.

      Treasure Geezer
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