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    Hey Larry, Thanks bro and don t think just cuz its an old shite hole that there ain t treasure down there. Several of my buds here in the Mother Lode have
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 24, 2005
      Hey Larry,

      Thanks bro and don't think just cuz its an old shite hole that there
      ain't treasure down there. Several of my buds here in the Mother Lode
      have recovered valuable bottles, guns and other treasures from below
      the ol' privey. In 2003 or 2004 I wrote an article for Lost Treasure
      about a guy in San Francisco who recovered 2 late 19th century glass
      skeets. Since skeets were manufactured to be distroyed very few of
      these old glass type exist. I don't recall but he either sold them for
      $18,000. each or for both. Either way I'd call em' a treasure.

      I will pass your reply on to this man.

      Happy Hunting,

      --- In alltreasuretalesusa@yahoogroups.com, larry <xltlb@s...> wrote:
      > Hi Hangman, how ya doing . Ok, i don't have any idea if I'm on the
      right track or not but here goes.Some years ago i found something very
      similar to the description of this site in the Forks of Salmon area
      north of the Trinity Alps in northern California . I couldn't see a
      thing when I shined a light down,and when I threw rocks down , nothing
      , even to the sides . So the only thing to do , open it up . The area
      for those of you that aren't familiar with it was the second largest
      gold producing area in California , the first of course being the
      mother load area . So there is allot of old mines scattered throughout
      . What my discovery turned out to be was the site of one of those old
      mining camps which later on through the years became an old logging
      camp . And as it turned out these ole boy's kept digging new outhouse
      holes when the old one got full . Eventually after close to 75 years
      every thing ceased, and the last hole was sealed , so bringing to the
      end of what could be
      > considered probably a 30 to 50 holer outhouse ! Well it turned out
      that over all the years since the walls sluft in creating a giant of a
      hole something in the neighborhood of a giant sink hole . Which is
      what the forestry dept.labled it when they filled it in.The reason i
      couldn't hear the rocks? the dirt was damp and sort of absorbed the
      rocks when they hit . It was quite a work out opening it up, with the
      help of the forestry it got opened and then closed . I hope what you
      got their is something better....Good Hunting...Larry B
      > THE HANGMAN <eldorado_hangman@y...> wrote: Greetings all,
      > In todays mail I recieved a hand drawn note of a treasure site in
      > Minnesota. I know the sketch is difficult to decipher so I'll explain.
      > 1st= To view the sketch - on your left <------ click on "PHOTOS" and
      > when it opens the sketch is viewable. Click on it to enlarge.
      > OK, at the very top below the words "Who made it?" appears what looks
      > like a mess. Once I took a closer look I realized that the image is of
      > a number of stones that have been artifically placed in a spirl. Once
      > I got past that image it started to get clearer.
      > These spirl placed stones were located below 4 other stones on the
      > surface that had been artificially placed side-by-side. The writer
      > notes these stones are "well rounded" and maybe the result of
      > "weathering." The writer states after removing these stones and
      > brushing away sand, he next found the spirl placed stones.
      > An "air shaft" was reveiled no wider then 5 inches. After removing a
      > foot of "small flat stones" the writer states he realized that they
      > were standing on a thin layer of flat rock. As the hole was black as
      > far as he could see down into it he threw several rocks into it. He
      > says none of the stone were heard to hit any side walls or anything
      > below. (Earth - Water - China?) He states "only ice cold air [was]
      > blowing back at us."
      > Some of my own thoughts hit on an old well or mine airshaft, but I've
      > never seen anything like the spirl placement of rocks before. The
      > other mystery is that the falling stones he tossed down the hole
      > should've resulted in a report once they struck something. Any
      > thoughts? I'll forward them to him.
      > Thanks, Hangman
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      > LARRY B
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