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Controversy Over Reopening Altamira caves

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  • Robert Blau
    Controversy Over Reopening the Sistine Chapel of Stone Age Art ScienceDaily [USA], Oct. 26, 2011 Plans to reopen Spain s Altamira caves are stirring
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      Controversy Over Reopening the 'Sistine Chapel' of Stone Age Art
      ScienceDaily [USA], Oct. 26, 2011 

      Plans to reopen Spain's Altamira caves are stirring controversy over the

      possibility that tourists' visits will further damage the 20,000-year
      old wall paintings that changed views about the intellectual ability of
      prehistoric people. That's the topic of an article in the current
      edition of Chemical & Engineering News, ACS' weekly newsmagazine. The
      caves are the site of Stone Age paintings so magnificent that experts
      have called them the "Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic Art". Carmen
      Drahl, C&EN associate editor, points out in the article that Spanish
      officials closed the tourist mecca to the public in 2002 after
      scientists realized that visitors were fostering growth of bacteria that

      damage the paintings. Now, however, they plan to reopen the caves.


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