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Re: Roman city wall found by chance in England

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  • Kim Noyes
    *Roman city wall found by chance* BBC, 19 June 2007 Archaeologists who set out to put up a safety fence at Rochester s medieval castle have unexpectedly
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2007

      Roman city wall found by chance
      BBC, 19 June 2007

      Archaeologists who set out to put up a safety fence at Rochester's
      medieval castle have unexpectedly uncovered a Roman city wall. The team
      had "barely taken the turf off when they unearthed a solid mass of stone
      masonry", Medway Council said. Castle archaeologist Graham Keevill
      called it "a very important discovery". He said: "We don't have many
      Roman city walls surviving in England. To get an unexpected one like
      this is fantastic. It is also a perfect example." He said the wall had
      "high-quality" facing stones on each side, and its rubble core, made up
      of stone, flint, sand, and gravel, would have been poured in "to set
      hard almost like concrete, to bind the whole wall together". Builders
      who came later in the 12th Century "knew good masonry when they saw it"
      and used the 6ft-wide (1.8m) Roman wall for the foundations of their
      medieval castle keep, Mr Keevill said.


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