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Re: Israel

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  • DJ
    They wouldn t have to do it even then. They would just have to stop crying about being made to listen. Afterall let s face it kids listen to their parents and
    Message 1 of 17 , May 31, 2007
      They wouldn't have to do it even then. They would just have to stop
      crying about being made to listen. Afterall let's face it kids listen
      to their parents and ignore them every day, who would expect less
      from a Nation. Also I said it in relation to Isreal, but I think it
      applies to any Nation that recieves fincial aide from the US.

      --- In allthingshistory@yahoogroups.com, "Kim Noyes" <kimnoyes@...>
      > DJ,
      > You are not PC, but what you said struck me as such.
      > As for Israel heeding what we say because they receive financial
      > from us (Arab nations do, too, by the way) you are absolutely
      > However, it is not in our best interests for Israel's stratetic
      postition to
      > be weakened as giving up the Golan Heights would do while the House
      of Assad
      > rules in Syria.
      > Making a deal with the House of Hussein in Jordan is clearly a safe
      > as is making a deal with secular government of Egypt under
      Sadat/Mubarak but
      > the Baathists in Syrian cannot be trusted.
      > Perhaps Israel ought to consider giving the Golan Heights back to
      Syria when
      > Syria gets its act together like Egypt and Jordan did. The ball is
      > Syria's court.
      > Kim Patrick Noyes
      > Atascadero, CA
      > On 5/30/07, DJ <pommefritte2001@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Yay, I'm PC, that is so cool. Funny, but cool.
      > > It is my opinion and all things considered it is worth about as
      > > as any opinion not of someone that can affect how the way things
      > > done in the Middle East.
      > > Of course if I could it would be a different story, maybe. Then
      > > again, I would be likely to tell Isreal and other nations that get
      > > all offended about us foisting our opinions on them, that if they
      > > don't want to hear our views, they should stop taking out money.
      > > you go to your parents and ask for money, you have to put up with
      > > lecture. Same when you go to another nation and ask for money. You
      > > don't have to like it, but you do have to put up with it.
      > > Thanks
      > > DJ
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