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Crowds visit Anglo-Saxon hoard

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    Crowds visit Anglo-Saxon hoard BBC, 25 September 2009 Hundreds of people have been queuing to see part of the UK s biggest haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure in
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      Crowds visit Anglo-Saxon hoard
      BBC, 25 September 2009

      Hundreds of people have been queuing to see part of the UK's biggest
      haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure in Birmingham. About 1,300 mainly gold and
      silver items have been recovered after initial discoveries by treasure
      hunter Terry Herbert in Staffordshire. Visitors to Birmingham Museum and
      Art Gallery are able to see a selection of the items until 13 October.
      So many people turned up on the first day, the opening was delayed while
      exhibits were moved to a larger space. Visitor, John Welsh, a jeweller
      from Rednal, Birmingham, said the treasure was "so intricate". "I
      expected it to be a lot cruder because it's so old, but not at all. They
      almost look as though they could be modern some of the filigree
      designs," he said.


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      Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/finds/sets/72157622378376316/


      Staffordshire hoard: treasure seekers fell out over how to handle find
      of a lifetime The Times [UK], September 25, 2009

      Like the all-powerful ring in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings,
      the hoard of Staffordshire gold has had a potent influence on those who
      found it. Fred Johnson, on whose farm the treasure lay buried, said that
      the gold had soured his relationship with Terry Herbert, the metal
      detector enthusiast who made the discovery. "I'm not happy with Terry,"
      he said yesterday. "I think it is more about the money for him, and I'm
      going to have to confront him about that. Me and Terry agreed to keep it
      all low-key and I thought that would be the case. It is not about the
      money for me. It's an incredible find for the country and that's what
      more important."

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