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  • Elena Vaccaro
    Hey all, I have been having an uncomfortable couple of weeks, some of my past is not waiting for me to open the door; it is leaking all around into the
    Message 1 of 4 , May 9, 2013
      Hey all, I have been having an uncomfortable couple of weeks, some of my past is not waiting for me to open the door; it is leaking all around into the present.  Enough of my mess.

      From my personal experience, suicidal thoughts happen when the individual can see no other way out of the situation or the situation is just too painful emotionally to handle.

      Many of the teen suicides have been in response to being bullied or harassed on social media. Say a young girl is caught on camera in a compromising situation and it winds up on many of the Facebook or MySpace (if it is still in existence). When that child goes to school, everyone 'knows' about the incident. Others might be gay which is another very emotionally charged issue especially if the family does not support the child.

      This is not just a contemporary issue. Think 'The Scarlett Letter'.

      When the Stock Market collapsed in 1929, many of the 'high rollers' jumped out of window because they could not face not having the power and influence of big money.

      As for the soldiers, many of them were very fit young men and women who had arms or legs blown off. I only heard the tail end of a NPR story about a vet who intended to stop eating, His health had seriously deteriorated to the point of not being able to get out of bed and having constant pain.

      Some are able to regain much of their former life, two of the vets visited the Boston Bombing victims to show that there is life afterwards. The one who wanted to stay in the military has since decided that he did not want to stay in for personal reason.

      Our attitudes to mental health still have a long way to go. Someone who is clinically depressed cannot just get up and go do everything a person who is not can. Having Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is not being weak, it is the result of exposure to extreme trauma be it physical, emotional, or mental.


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      Hi Andrew...thanks for the insights. As far as suicides though,, I think today it is a little bit different. We see younger folks committing suicides, teens and young adults and also soldiers. Allison

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      Subject: [allthingshistory] answers to some questions
      Hello Allison and Group,

      Questions were asked about differences between fascism and communism (or bolshevism as I call it).  Both are totalitarian.  Initially Marx wanted a dictatorship of the proletariat, as if after long workdays it could run a government.  Fascism allows private property but regulates its use. Bolshevism has the state own all property and tells people how it should be used.  Both give as much rights as they want to give, which isn't very much, and also have political police or at least political offenses, and control information and education.

      Both are totalitarian and dictatorial.  Fascism essentially has a dictator in charge.  So does bolshevism as with Lenin and Joe Stalin, but it does have an oligarchy called the Politburo which appoints the party chairman.  Lenin and Stalin controlled the politburo, but it did remove  Malenkov who came in after Stalin and later Khruschev who was replaced by Breshnev.

      As for increased suicides, it seems the economy helps take a toll.  With the Depression, there were "jumpers" who were ruined financially, some too old to start all over, and they jumped out of skyscraper windows.  The term was not used after 9-11 as a good many people jumped out to escape flames which would have killed them anyway.  We do hear of people being laid off, no job prospects, and taking an exit for that very reason.  There are other reasons as well.


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