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Re: [allthingshistory] Next week on SVU: Bike Patrol

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  • Kim Noyes
    Chronic Brown Seat Syndrome! On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 5:48 AM, Allison Maricelli-Loukanis
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 6, 2013
      Chronic Brown Seat Syndrome!

      On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 5:48 AM, Allison Maricelli-Loukanis <allison.ann@...> wrote:

      ew...riding a bike without underwear could lead to all sorts of butt complications. Ack. Allison

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      Subject: [allthingshistory] Next week on SVU: Bike Patrol

      We're all normal and we want our freedom! . . .

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      Subject: [Worldbikeride] Happy World Naked Bike Ride to ya

      Tantalizingly refreshing celebration and the worlds most fun protest.
      The Southern Hemisphere ride is just a few short hours away. But is
      there still time to organize a ride ?

      You bet. There is nothing easier to organize than a world naked bike
      ride. All you need is a bike, at least 2 people and absolutely nothing
      else. The World Naked Bike Ride is an event that belongs entirely to its
      participants. Its all your to take ownership.

      And if you would like more than two people on your ride remember to
      invite your friends, your aunties and grannies, the local mayor and his
      family, the cat in the hat, the neighbourhood pastor, your uncles and
      grandpas and even the grumpy neighbourhood citation officer.

      A common question that pops up before every ride is how to deal with
      grumpy police officers. Here are a few pointers:

      1. Invite the media.. You would be so surprised the difference the media
      can make in turning grumpy police officers into grumpy officers that are
      nowhere to be seen. The police are often very media savy. The last thing
      they want is to be seen on the 6 o'clock news arresting happy, peaceful,
      naked people. It just looks so wrong.

      2. If there is a problem with the police, consider starting the ride
      wearing underwear. Avoid any direct confrontations If all is cool,
      consider a little less for later on in the ride or maybe for a ride in
      the future.

      3. You would be surprised to discover how little clothing is actually
      required to make a ride safely without any possible legal contention, a
      sock, a band-aid, maybe a dab of paint, not much really at all is needed
      to confuse the already confused man/women of the law.

      Happy World Naked Bike Ride to ya
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