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  • Allison Maricelli-Loukanis
    Dec 8, 2013
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      I think many things plague our government and one of those things is corruption...why did it cost so much to develop a website for Obamacare and why does it not work even though Michelle Obama's Princeton friends had that contract...one would suppose that Princeton would at least graduate folks who know how to construct a website. 
      Anyway...I thought about Pearl Harbor yesterday. One of my favorite movies is "From Here to Eternity" about that day. 
       Does Scotch really fight flu or does it just make you not care that you are sick? lol..Allison

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      Hello Group,

      The other day marked the 80th anniversary of the end of prohibition which never should have happened.  Scotch fights tropical virus, flu, and A R D.

      Yesterday marked St. Nicholas Day, in some places a prelude to Christmas and a reminder it is coming.

      Today marks the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  I read a story about a young boy who recalled the event, how young and not so young men lined up outside enlistment centers, that he lost an uncle in Europe, and he emphasized the importance of preparedness and determination to win.

        I recall some revisionist historians writing that Pearl Harbor was a set up to get us involved in WW II. They failed to take into consideration that command was unimaginative, that the Pearl Harbor commander got to where he was by marrying the Admiral's daughter, most of the Navy's high command didn't see the transition from battleships to carriers as the boats to carry out an attack,  that F D R already had an undeclared naval war in the North Atlantic, and U-Boat sinkings of our merchantmen would have had him rending his garments before congress and asking for a declaration of war just as Woody Wilson did before him- except for Pearl Harbor.  It was not just lack of preparedness but also lack of imagination which continue to plague government.


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