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15259Why did only one intelligent species evolve on earth?

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  • Robert Blau
    Oct 25, 2013
      > 10/25/2013

      > Dear Cecil:

      > In sci-fi stories, alien planets often have multiple species of indigenous intelligent life forms, whereas Earth has only one species that is
      > much more advanced than others. Why didn&#';t multiple species evolve comparable upper-echelon intelligence at the same time? Is there something inherently
      > unlikely with the alien-planet scenario? &#-; Ken in Sherborn, MA
      > > 
      > Cecil replies:

      > What makes you think having multiple intelligent species around at the same time is science fiction? On the contrary, some researchers believe, two
      > intelligent species once competed to dominate the Earth. Much as today we have normal people duking it out with House Republicans ...

      > For more, see:

      > http://click.suntimesmail.com/?ju=fe2915787761007d701079&ls=fdd01571746600787412737563&m=feef1178706c02&l=fe8816767d66037a72&s=fe29167370600678761377&jb=ffcf14&t= 
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