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For trade: autos, game used, RCs, etc

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  • vikescards
    Email me if you re interested in any of these. Mark DERRICK ALEXANDER (DE)�����95 Superior Pix auto 2726/4000 CHAMP BAILEY--99 Bowman s Best
    Message 1 of 2006 , Nov 2, 2001
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      Email me if you're interested in any of
      these.<br><br>Mark<br><br>DERRICK ALEXANDER (DE)�95 Superior Pix auto
      2726/4000<br>CHAMP BAILEY--99 Bowman's Best RC; 99 Stadium Club
      Chrome RC<br>CHARLIE BATCH--98 Playoff Absolute Retail
      RC; 98 Revolution RC<br>MARTY BOOKER�01 Pacific
      Private Stock game worn jersey<br>KYLE BRADY�01 Fleer
      Game Time Uniformity game used pants<br>CHRIS
      CHANDLER�01 SP Game Used Edition jersey<br>DOUG CHAPMAN�00
      Collector�s Edge T-3 retail RC; 00 Leaf Certified RC
      791/2000; 00 Leaf Certified Gold Future<br>DUANE CLEMONS�96
      Pro Line Memorabilia Auto 655/1255; 96 Classic
      Visions Signings auto<br>DAUNTE CULPEPPER�99 Bowman�s
      Best RC<br>RANDALL CUNNINGHAM--99 Topps Chrome
      Refractor<br>CURTIS ENIS--00 Fleer Feel The Game game used
      pants<br>COREY FULLER�95 Classic 5-Sport Auto<br>TERRY GLENN--96
      SP RC<br>MATTHEW HATCHETTE--01 Pacific Private Stock
      Game Worn Gear Patch Variation 3 colored patch
      162/275<br>BRAD HOOVER�01 Pacific Vanguard Double-Sided Jersey
      (w/Moe Williams)<br>CHRIS HOVAN�00 Dominion RC; 00
      Dominion Extra RC; 00 Sage auto 336/650; 00 Sage HIT
      Diamond auto<br>WILLIE HOWARD�01 Press Pass auto (2); 01
      Sage auto 360/600; Sage Hit Die Cut auto
      34/100<br>MICHAEL IRVIN--89 Score RC<br>KEVIN JOHNSON--99 Bowman's
      Best RC; 99 Fleer Focus RC 2353/3850; 99 Stadium Club
      RC (3)<br>NAPOLEON KAUFMAN--95 Pacific Prisms RC; 98
      CE Fury GameBall (3 color)<br>CURTIS KEATON�00 Fleer
      Showcase Touch Football game used ball<br>JON KITNA--00
      Topps Chrome Refractor<br>RYAN LEAF�99 CE Fury Game
      Ball<br>KEENAN McCARDELL�01 UD Pros and Prospects Game
      Jersey<br>TRAVIS McGRIFF--99 Fleer Focus RC 140/300<br>CADE
      McNOWN--99 Bowman Interstate RC; 99 CE First Place
      RC<br>RANDY MOSS--98 Press Pass RC; 98 Press Pass RC red; 98
      Score RC (2); 99 Stadium Club Chrome Never Compromise;
      98 UD Choice #270; 98 UD Encore Checklist
      #150<br>TERRELL OWENS--96 Pacific Invincible RC; 99 CE Fury Game
      Ball<br>DAVID PALMER�94 Signature Rookies auto<br>COREY
      SIMON�00 Dominion RC; 00 Dominion Extra RC<br>THURMAN
      THOMAS--89 Score RC (2)<br>GINO TORRETTA�93 Classic Four
      Sport autograph 1122/3200<br>TROY WALTERS�00 Bowman RC;
      00 Bowman Chrome RC; 00 CE Edge Graded RC; 00 CE
      Supreme RC 1637/2000; 00 Crown Royale RC; 00 Donruss RC
      1199/1325; 00 Pacific RC; 00 Pacific Private Stock retail RC
      405/650; (3) 00 UD Pros and Prospects RC 100/1000,
      474/1000, and 982/1000<br>PETER WARRICK--00 Topps Stars RC;
      00 Ultra Head of the Class; 00 UD MVP RC<br>MOE
      WILLIAMS�01 Pacific Vanguard Double-Sided Jersey (w/Brad
      Hoover)<br>ROD WOODSON--89 Score RC (3)
    • huggybear341965
      I m looking to trade Football GU Jerseys(Some serial numbered)and Basketball GU Floor/Jerseys for Baseball Game Used cards.E-Mail me or post your response
      Message 2006 of 2006 , Feb 13, 2002
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        I'm looking to trade Football GU Jerseys(Some serial numbered)and Basketball GU Floor/Jerseys for Baseball Game Used cards.E-Mail me or post your response here.Thanks,Tim
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