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Re: drilling a hole in a panel

Just support it from underneath. Not your hand obviously but a small piece of wood or something similar. Sent from AOL Mobile Mail ... From:
Kevin Kline
Jul 24

Re: drilling a hole in a panel

use a peice of masking tape  then drill through it.that hepls keep it from chiping. On Saturday, July 15, 2017 7:45 PM, "lember2004@... [allaboardsets]"
Harold Knapp
Jul 24

Re: Whistle Panel sound

Ed Musil pointed out that "You can find that same whistle though fairly inexpensive on eBay and replace the one that you have. Look for whistle #23568." Thank
Jul 19

Re: Whistle Panel sound

The wiring and impeller seemed to be okay. So, I accessed and cleaned the commutator, cleared any debris in the impeller, and oiled the bearing point at the
Jul 19

Re: Whistle Panel sound

Thanks, Dale. I will try both suggestions and report what I find. Mark
Jul 18

Re: Whistle Panel sound

I'm no expert at this, but from what I have heard, it could be a broken impeller resulting in little or no air hitting the whistle. Another possibility,
Dale Smith
Jul 18

Whistle Panel sound

Hello all. A whistle panel I recently acquired has an operational sound unit, but the sound is more like a diesel motor then a train whistle. Are there some
Jul 17

drilling a hole in a panel

Hello, What is safe way to drill a small hole through a panel without cracking or breaking it? Thanks, Mark
Jul 15

Re: "Mountain" Find at york

Barry and other All Aboard Collectors. Sorry there weren't any reasonably price All Aboard Sets, pieces, panels or houses at York. I can tell you there will be
May 1, 2015

"Mountain" Find at york

While I did not see even one All Aboard panel at the recent York Meet, I did manage to buy (yet another) corner "Mountain" as well as the tunnel piece. I like
May 1, 2015

CTT Classic Toy Trains is interested in doing an article of the All

I recently asked the editor of CTT if they would look into doing a story about the American Flyer All Aboard train sets. He responded that they were indeed
Sep 22, 2014

Re: NEEDED Streight Track plastic pannels will trade 3 to 2 for curv

I’ve got an 8-panel Champion set W/ 1 extra straight panel I could get rid of. Don’t need any curved panels but could sure use a few trees. Bill I’ve
Apr 17, 2014

Looking for Gene "My flyer trains"

What a nice layout! I see lots of awards attached too! You Have one of my favorite Plastic-ville houses too, the under construction one! I noticed the back
Apr 17, 2014

NEEDED Streight Track plastic pannels will trade 3 to 2 for curves

Hi all I building an All Aboard Lay out on a table 11' x 24' x 8' table and I have come up short on straight panels, but I have lots of curves. I'd like to
Apr 17, 2014

Re: FW: Re: FW: Re: Corner track Derailing

Jim, Standard switches as in 720A. You will see I re-themed the whole layout and filled it with accessories. http://myflyertrains.org/gallery/album08/DSCF1542
Nov 9, 2013
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