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59Don Cornelius says 'That Boy Can Dance..!'

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  • Bill
    May 18, 2009
      Palm Beach Gardens, FL (UPI)- Seamus Eli Cole, fresh off his standing contractual appearance on Norwegian Cruise Lines, made a surprise appearance on the hit dance show SoulTrain Saturday night. Decked in an outfit he described as "befitting any number one dance show, ya'll", Seamus delighted the audiance by dancing to Maurice Chevalier's "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" surrounded by 12 of Ms. Anne Weston's top dance girls. Although the appearance was brief, Seamus promised his fans that he would return. Asked if SoulTrain was THE place to be, Seamus defered by saying: "I like to dance".

      ** Due to publishing constraints, UPI regrets that more photos are currently in development. Stay tuned..!!!