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38New NPR series to debut Monday 5PM EST

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  • Bill
    Jun 2, 2007
      NPR has released long-time on-air personality Terri Gross from her
      contract obligations as of Friday. NPR spokesperson Newell Frasier-
      Schwartzen declined to elaborate except to say that Ms Gross and NPR
      would no longer be working togather. Inside sources have hinted that Ms
      Gross would be leaving NPR for the top-spot at Air America, but Ms
      Gross' publicist, Shonda Cummings also declined comment. NPR will debut
      a new on-air personality it hopes will attract a younger demographic.
      Seamus Eli Cole has prevoiusly hosted the late-night talk format
      show 'Voices Up' at NYU's radoi station and most recently was being
      considered for the co-anchor with Fox News's Juliet Huddy.

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