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19Tony Danza. Seamus Eli. Again !!

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  • Bill
    May 17, 2006
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      Actor Tony Danza and Seamus Eli Cole had to be separated by guests at
      an exclusive weekend party in Lake Worth. This marked the second
      (almost) altercation between the two in as many weeks. Guests of the
      uber-exclusive O Street Pool Club were enjoying a typical soirée when
      our source says Mr. Danza appeared at the Club ("he's not even a
      member!") and asked to speak with the blond bombshell, Billie Delores
      Lerro. Seamus allegedly spotted the two speaking by the side entrance
      and grew instantly enraged ("just the sight of him – knowing their
      history.."). Seamus has been seen most frequently with the Lake Worth
      beauty. Seamus hurried towards his female companion and said something
      to Mr. Danza which this news service declines to print. Several male
      guests sensing a pending confrontation, stepped between the two, and
      escorted Mr. Danza out the side exit. "It was a family outing – I'm
      glad they stepped in before it got out of hand", said our source.

      Seamus smiled and waved at this reporter as he entered Gardens
      Learning Center this morning, but refused to answer any questions.
      Calls to Mr. Danza's publicist were not returned.