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1750 Cosworth Pistons on Ebay

FYI if anyone needs them. They are for 81mm bore and have valve cuts for oversize valves. ebay # 321753599315 Let me know if you have any questions. Erik
May 12, 2015

GTV race car for sale

This car comes with an HSR West and current CASC OR log books (2015 Tech). Built by Curtis Griggs in Arizona, updated by Erik Woods and enjoyed by me. The car
Apr 21, 2015

For Sale MSD 6AL's

Selling 2 MSD 6Al ignition units. Along with them is a storage box with a number of rev limiter chips. the Listing is on the AlfaBB here. For Sale MSD 6AL
Apr 20, 2015

Alfaholics Red Top/Odyssey Battery Box

I have an Alfaholics Red Top 25/Odyssey PC680 battery box for sale, mounted in car but never used. New cost approximately $81.00 - will sell for $60.00 shipped
Apr 9, 2015

Re: long block

Kevin, I have a spare long block you can have cheap if you plan on visiting Vytas in the near future. Ken
Apr 3, 2015

Re: long block

I not only have a long block, I have a 1980 Spider to which it is attached. The engine is good but is not running (missing intake). It does have a Shankle-type
Ben Ament
Apr 3, 2015

Re: long block

Doesn't Vytas have something you can use? Ken Lee AlfaDog #13 Sent from my iPad
Apr 2, 2015

long block

Good afternoon, I'm looking for a 2.0l long block. doesn't need to have any accessories, would prefer one that turns over. i'm located in michigan, If anyone
Kevin Corrigan
Apr 2, 2015

105 front suspension Geometry

Quick question guys - anyone know the KPI of a 105 (2l) front upright off the top of their head? ThanksBen
Ben Bishop
Mar 17, 2015

Re: In search of---

Greg, send me an email at genericwood(at)att.net. Erik
Mar 17, 2015

Re: In search of---

Hi Erik-- THANKS in advance for the effort !! Greg
Greg Hermann
Mar 17, 2015

Re: In search of---

Greg, I might have one. Give me a day or two to look for it. Erik
Mar 17, 2015

In search of---

Hi-- I am presently in search of a 43/10 ring and pinion gearset for one of the later (larger gears) , limited slip rear ends (from a 105 series). These would
Greg Hermann
Mar 14, 2015

Re: Gtv Shell

Hi Erik Interesting...so no more coupes? you know Vytas right? he's got quite a pile of parts, but no more race car since he sold #23. so he's looking for a
Kevin Corrigan
Feb 12, 2015

Re: Gtv Shell

Kevin, I don't have a shell laying around. However, I am strongly considering selling my '66 GTV race car if your friend is interested. It would be sold
Feb 12, 2015
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