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    THE WARRIORS/GUERREROS INITIATION When we refer to the warriors we are speaking of ELEGGUA, OGUN, OCHOSI, and OSUN. They are called collectively the Warriors,
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      When we refer to the warriors we are speaking of ELEGGUA, OGUN, OCHOSI,
      OSUN. They are called collectively the Warriors, because it is there
      function to defend their owners and to open the way. Let us examine
      each one of them briefly to better understand the meaning of this

      ELEGGUA is the owner of all the roads in the world. He is really two
      Orisha in one, ESHU and ELEGGUA. Eshu is the primordial trickster, who
      has existed since the world was made. Eleggua is Eshu under the
      influence of Obatala, who guides him in doing good for humanity.
      Eleggua is often depicted as a child, but at other times as a very old
      man. He is an Orisha of great power and can open your way or close it.
      He is the first to be propitiated before any other Orisha. If
      Eleggua is not propitiated first, he
      (Being the Orisha of communication, owner of all roads) can prevent the
      other Orishas from receiving their offerings. This Orisha you receive
      along with the other warriors, so that he can open your way for
      material and spiritual progress also to help you close all those doors
      in your life that you are having problems with. His day is Monday, and
      that is when offerings are made to him on a regular basis.

      OGUN is the Orisha of iron, of steel, corresponding to the blacksmith
      gods of ancient times like Vulcan. He is often associated with trains,
      because the railroad tracks are made up of iron and steel. He is an
      Orisha of extreme force and is very basic to the practice of this
      religion. He is truly a warrior and fights to defend you against your
      enemies. He never rests; he works constantly every minute of every
      hour for the entire existence duration of the world, as we know it.
      He lives in a cauldron of iron with his tools. His day is Tuesday.

      OCHOSI is the Orisha of the hunt and corresponds to the hunter gods
      that live in the
      Forest. He is represented by a bow and arrow made of steel or iron
      that lives with Ogun in his cauldron. Ochosi is associated not only
      with the hunt, but also with prisons. He is often worked with to
      resolve problems with the police and court matters. Ochosi is also an
      Orisha that gives intelligence and prayers are offered to him so that
      he will give the ability to resolve problems. All fauna belongs to
      Ochosi and he will hunt all the good things coming your way (health for
      example). He is the Master hunter of ALL, whenever and wherever he
      points with his bow and arrow is a sure shot. He never misses a shot.

      OSUN is also a warrior, and is represented by a small metal staff with
      a metal rooster mounted on top. Osun represents your "head". His
      function is to warn of danger. He is never allowed to fall over, since
      that would be a sign of danger coming to you. If he falls he is
      advising you and the rest of your warriors that danger is coming your
      way. If he falls DON'T panic, Osun is NOT mad at you. He is just
      doing his job of advising you and the rest of your warriors to be
      prepared or avoid any danger coming. If he falls get in touch with
      your padrino or madrina to properly investigate the situation and act
      accordingly. Needless is to add to avoid overturning him even

      We receive the Warriors for our material and spiritual betterment. The
      warriors open the way and give protection. They make it possible for
      one to advance in the religion and receive other initiations (if
      necessary). That is why sometimes new members of our religion are told
      that they need to receive Warriors as their first step in the religion,
      because they need the protection that the warriors can give. Receiving
      the Warriors is the fundamental step on our faith if you are to become
      an Orisha priest.

      Orisha priest sometimes do things differently depending on the house
      that you belong to, your padrino/madrina's choice giving their
      experience and the ever-changing particular situations. However, it is
      highly recommended and advisable to receive the Warriors from an Oluo
      or Babalawo, since they are the owners of the secrets of their
      preparation. There are 101 "caminos" or ways of preparing Eleggua, each
      in accordance with the particular Eshu that walks with you. That is not
      to say that warriors given by Santeros are not valid, just that Oluos
      or babalawos have a more profound knowledge of the preparation of these

      When you receive the warriors, you should always receive the name of
      your Eleggua, so that you know which "camino"/avatar/path of Eshu walks
      with you.
      The warriors are not only given to help you open, clear and cleanse
      your way, but also for other reasons. Sometimes those with health
      problems need to receive the warriors. Also, they may be necessary to
      resolve certain problems in the life of the person.

      In summary, Eleggua represents ALL the roads of life itself. Ogun is
      clearing the paths/roads with his iron implements or big knife
      (machete) for Ochosi to follow and hunt/ bring to you what is needed,
      while Osun stands always vigilant studying the horizon all around
      watchful of any dangers that may lie ahead. The Orishas are to be
      adored, but also their function is to make life better. Godparents
      also should be there to help you in learning how to work with the
      Warriors and other Orishas/initiations that you receive.

      In the words of one of my godchildren, Oni Shango....

      Omo Obtala
    • abc@ucla.edu
      Hi my name is Alicia. I am a close dance student of Teresita Dome-Perez of Los Munequitos de Matanzas, Cuba. I am only involved in the religion through
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        Hi my name is Alicia. I am a close dance student of Teresita
        Dome-Perez of Los Munequitos de Matanzas, Cuba. I am only involved
        the religion through performance (dance, drum, and song)
        I am finding out new things about this religion everyday (as much as
        an aleyo could) and I go to tambors, toques de palo, and recently I
        went to a fundamental toque de Ocha. I'm usually invited to keep up
        the energy in the song and dance (even though I cant dance in front
        the bata during fundamental). What I've found in the houses that I
        have visited, has been that most don't know all of the Orisha dances.
        They were attracted to the religion for other reasons. So I guess
        helps to look at someone who "studies" the dance almost everyday.
        My worry is that I don't have any protection.
        At the fundamental I wore a hat, mostly white, and I was told to put
        some kind of oil on my feet and under my hat (coco maybe? I forgot
        the moment, but I will ask again) this was to help keep out any
        Is there a point where I should be thinking about getting my warriors
        or should I just stick to my hat, my white, and my oil until someone
        I trust tells me otherwise?
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