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English - The History of The Reading of The Letter for The Year

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  • santeriaonline
    The more traditional branches of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th were directed by African Babalawos which then devolved responsibility in Cuban
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
      The more traditional branches of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th were directed by African Babalawos which then devolved responsibility in Cuban successors. Not intend to focus or establish traditions, but defend the legitimacy of existing, transmitted from generation to generation. We are pleased to greatly Santeria, "rule Osha and IFA, succeed in any territory in the world, with the same force that have done so other Cuban origin African religions which today constitute its strength, to name a few, the vodĂș and stick mount, provided does not exist in their background which are a basis of proselytism and encouragement of non-profit and marketing." We took the opportunity to make known our disagreement with the public animals that many people at any latitude in different festivals, events, shows, videos etc., for a very simple but fundamental reason sacrifice, we do not believe in carrying out these public major duties, it is necessary to reach the slaughter of animals, especially when our religion has so many beautiful demonstrations and possible exhibit cultural expressions... We believe that those given to offer this type of activity, have well-defined religiosity, because we must bear in mind that not all elements of culture and religion of a people are marketable, as well as not all the inhabitants of the planet must allow the realization of a type of show of this magnitude, because its view on this question is very different and sometimes many are members of protecting animals, associations which entails their opinion about these acts be denigratoria, that rather than enrich our culture leads it to his detriment. The history of humanity, all religions in his beginnings sacrificed human beings, then moving according to their mythology and patterns to the slaughter of animals, which were later replaced by something that spoofs this sacrifice, not being the case of the religions of African origin that today are still using in their ceremonial secret slaughter of animals. They are many people who mistakenly or flawed now exploit the popularity that has acquired this religion in Cuba and we dare say that in the world, for use as a means of profit and enrichment, when previously you are same people considered it things black, backward people and obscurantism. Know that we reserve you great respect for all religions that has humanity, that we are not that someone who fails to comply, speak badly of another religion that theirs prevail, contrary sentence someone need to use this medium to their religion flourish because it leaves much to be desired and can be interpreted as his religion is not sufficiently gives strong nor has solid principles that underpin. Respect is the foundation of life and each person is free to choose their creed and its line to continue that among human beings must prevail respect and not intrusion in the life of any similar whether professional or not, and to a greater extent if it is their religious faith. Will try that this is not manipulated and nor is subject to show only because some interested in doing so, we believers of a more ancient religion with that humanity, since today knows that the place where there were human life for the first time in the existence of mankind was on the African continent and in the Holy City of the Yoruba (Ile Ife).
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