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Intro to Yoruba Religon Workshop! NYC

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  • Nefrem Neter
    Introduction to Yoruba Religion Workshop Thursday, June 25, 2009 7-8pm Interested in learning about the Yoruba Religion but don t know where to start? Learn
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      Introduction to Yoruba Religion Workshop
      Thursday, June 25, 2009

      Interested in learning about the Yoruba Religion but don't know where to start? Learn some of the basic fundamental principles of the Yoruba religion in this engaging and dynamic workshop.  Attend this informative workshop covering such topics such as:

      * Fundamentals of Yoruba Religion: Basic Tenents
      *The Yoruba Concept of God
      *Yoruba Predestination
      * The Orisa and other spiritual forces

      *Spiritual Power
      *Paths in the Orisa Religion: What are paths one can take in the Yoruba Religion?
      * Divination: What are the different types of divination systems.
      *Orisa Denominations: What are the different types of Orisa
      * Steps to Becoming an Orisa Worshipper

      In the workshop you will get:
      -informational handouts

      TRS Professional Suites
      44 East 32nd Street, 11th Fl.
      New York, NY   10016

      Take the #6 train to 33rd Street and exit at the 32nd street Exit.

      To register for this event visit:

      About the Presenter
      Sangobukunmi Odushola also know as Jamel Cherry is a traditional Yoruba priest of Shango, initiated in Nigeria by the Elegun of Sango, Baba Sangodele Ibuowo.  He is currently a student under the noted babalawo, Baba Ifakayode Faniyi, the Agbongbon of Osogbo.  As an avid student of African spirituality, divination, and healing, Sangobukunmi conducts workshops on traditional Yoruba spirituality and holistic health and nutrition.    His belief in the spectacular and amazing healing power of African spirituality fuels his passion for sharing his knowledge.

      He is also a certified Holistic Health Consultant,African herbalist, and third-degree Reiki Master.  He studied African holistic health and traditional African medicine with various healers and  received his certification as an African healer in African Science and Healing by Dr. Kofi Asare, noted Ghanian healer and herbalist.  He also completed an Indigenious African Spiritual Technology apprenticeship under the direction of Malidoma Some, African shaman and Ph.d scholar.   He also studied holistic health and nutrition while receiving his certification as a holistic health counselor at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition school in the world.  He is a registered lifetime member of the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.   He is also a member of Siura Wellness, a collective of holistic health practitioners.


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