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Re: [aleyos-online] intrested in a man - what to do about it

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  • jikker barrow
    Benedicion group, Regarding this topic, this had happened with me just recently. I was interested in a man for a year who i considered a wonderful person,
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      Benedicion group,
      Regarding this topic, this had happened with me just recently.  I was interested in a man for a year who i considered a wonderful person, however the orishas revealed to me a hidden secret that he had and was trying to not reveal to me.  This of course dissappointed me but then when i think about it, i had laughed because in IFA what comes to you is what it is, not sugar coating it, you cant run from it, and you can't hide from it.  But, we are still friends and that is much better than being lovers.  However, i wasn't looking for the "Man" that i had met because i was sick, not looking by best at all, my hair was a mess and i had the flu.  I had went to the pharmacy to get some medication for my flu and had asked the pharmacist for help.  We spoke and he made some jokes about my temperature being 98.9 in which i though that he was full of BS.  But he had checked me by using his hand under my neck and then had got a thermometer and confirmed that my temp was what he had said.
      He told me that if he was correct, and after i had got better, could he take me out to dinner.  I thought about it for a minute, and then said sure why not.  From that point on, we have been unseperatable ever since.  I asked him what attracted me to you in my condition, he said that is was my pure beauty and my eyes which he saw a very spiritual person that he just couldn't put his hands on.  But he knows that we had met for a reason.
      The conincidental thing about this is that we are both the same sign, and we both like the same things, and have the same hobbies which is awe to me.  Sometimes people come into your life for a reason and with IFA you learn how to deal with this.  We as human beings think too much of the physical aspect of dating and of course this do help with attaction, but if a spiritual connection is going on then that is a whole other level.
      Regarding a candle to burn to have the man you want be attracted to you,  nothing wont work until you have faith in the religion first, and look with your third eye and see what is going on around you.  Sometimes the man you want may not be the person for you, it hurts i know but you just have to accept it and move on.. I am sure that you will find the right man for you.. But i recommend seeing a Babalawo and get a proper reading first to get your spirituall self in order first before attracting someone else into your circle.  Because if you have issues with yourself that you're not aware of, and invite someone into your life, you may bring that out with the new person and then that relationship will not be successful as you want it to be.
      Keep us posted.

      jose rodriguez <rocketrodz@...> wrote:
      Alafia All:
      Everywhere I travel I always look for Botanicas and visit most of them. I like the scent, the aroma, the visual kaleidoscope of baths, saints, elekes, the candles...the people.  Oh yes, when in a Botanica I pay attention at who goes there and for what reason.  Not that I am nosing in but to see what moves, what is the "engine" that moves the mainstream to go to a Botanica.  I am always fascinated by the range of customers, of all walks of life that walk into a Botanica.  The Believers!  But it is a constant common customer that one who goes there to take care of a relationship, whether to amarrar (tie up), to keep, to conquer, to subyugate, to attract, detract, destroy, unmake, etc, etc.  But again, this type of activity is almost the same in Wicca and Witchcraft.  You see people in the bookstores looking for spelI books, or going to Wicca workshops to try to solve their personal problems. I guess that is why we, in the Religion, are often called Brujos, aren't we?  Have not you been called brujos/as once those same people admiring your Elekes under your shirt find out they are from your Orishas?  Another type of customer goes there for health, others for the health of family and friends.  Let me tell you a very short story:
      Once in a Botanica while I was looking for some candles to attend my Elegua and my Warriors, I could not avoid noticing this very young woman, maybe 18 years old accompanied by her aunt.  They were looking for a specific candle that will help them for a job.  The store attendant was giving them a rash of stupidities about what to do with this candle and this other one.  Too much BS for me to stand, so I moved away a little bit. Although amazed at the seeming sincerity of the attendant, I did not interfere.  But a few minutes later, these two ladies approached me and asked me for help.  They wanted to cause some harm or at least to do something to a woman neighbor.  Appatently the husband of the young lady was kind of looking too much at the neighbor.  Anyway, you can follow me.  Rather than focusing on the husband, the "actor", they were focusing on the neighbor.  I looked at both of them and told them to first think what were the reasons for them being in the Botanica and the purpose they really wanted to obtain.  Then, to their amazement, I told them to look for professional help.  Have they talked to the husband, the neighbor, a counslor?  How about a good Santero or Santera.  Hey, how about a Babalao?  By that I meant, a candle will not fix a shaky marriage or a poor relationship.  By the way, just to show my sincerity, I did not recommend them to see me or my Madrina.  I wanted them to see my seincerity and to think about their perceived problem from a different perspective.  I did tell them how to look for a good Babalocha or Yllalosha.
      But this is the main impression everybody has of the Yoruba, Afro-Caribbean, Santeria religion!  Like any other religion, Santeria has an exoteric as well as an esoteric part along with its inner arcana of rituals and teachings.  While perhaps it may be okay to prescribe a bath, a candle, a special "work" to have somebody to pay attention to somebody else, we must also make the petitioner aware of the forces at work, how they work and through whom.  Or better yet, how about prescribing a job so that the petitioner becomes more visible, to exhalt her qualities that will attract the right man, rather than the man she thinks is to be with her?  But again, a lot of practitioners will not make money doing it, especially if they make a living out of the Religion!  That is a different topic on its own. 
      One aspect of the Religion that seems to be fading away in the efforts some have to perhaps make a buck, is to counsel the petitioner, the person asking for a consultation, through the Patakies. 
      Santeria, a most beautiful Religion and way of Life has so much to offer to eveyone.  We most ensure we show all its aspects so it is not thought of as just a "hazme un trabajo" type of practice. 
      As for the originator of this message, don't look and you will find what you most seek, for it is when we are not looking, that our Ashe are at they splendor, and the right compatible person and company will show.  Work on showing who you are for what you are. Attend your Orishas.  They Orisha will do the rest.

      david sosa <davidsoul720@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Ache Jennifer~

      jennifer graciano <jenniferlabella25@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Maybe your not meant to be together. Reality is the best brujeria! (witchcraft) ...this is one of the minor meaningless purposes of our african derived religions-so called 'love spells"

      hello? <fuegopreciosox@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      hello group,....
      i am intrested in a particuliar man,...is that anything that i can do to motivate him so that we
      can FINALLY be togther?

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