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Re: [albanach] Re:No bagpipes?

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  • iain maciain
    colinson--the acknowledged authority on scotts and other pipes, has dozens of references and pictures of highland bagpipes from 1300 to 1600. he is a
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      colinson--the acknowledged authority on scotts and
      other pipes, has dozens of references and pictures of
      highland bagpipes from 1300 to 1600. he is a
      conservative and doesn't accept the 1300 picture that
      is accepted by gratian flood--another authority, but
      he fails to state his reasons for not accepting the
      picture --it is a gloss on an old church
      manuscript--except to say that the bannatyne society
      says the picture is from 1600. i have no idea why they
      say that and gratian flood says 1300 but either will
      do for the sca. there is in fact one set of pipes that
      are dated by flood to 1600--which is date stamped on
      the side by a known maker of the day. the set is
      called the speckled chanter set of the great
      maccrimmon. likely the chanter and the ends of the
      drones are orrigional but the rest is all replacement.
      again collinson is conservative and makes convincing
      arguements that the set was in fact made by the
      alleged makers sons in about 1670.

      as i say there a litterally dozens of literary
      references pictures and such of highland bagpipes
      between 1500 and 1600, that's the debate among real
      authorities, while in the sca i find most are spinning
      their wheels on their even existing.

      the irish war pipe is also present in scotland in
      period and there are pictures of those, and literary
      references, in continental irish mercenary regiments
      going back to circa 1350. they are very similar to
      highland pipes--and the direct ancestor. they had only
      two drones and were played by both types of pipers. in
      fact the two drone pipes were still in use in scotland
      untill at least 1790 when they were banned from the
      great piobreacht competitions as they were thought to
      have an unfair advantage over the three drone pipes.
      what advantage that could be escapes me--except maybe
      they were quieter.(har har)

      the last existing set of cica 1500 irish war pipes was
      in a museum in france--having come from the o'neils
      mercenary regiment of france, the royal irish
      volunteers. they were there in 1890 when an author
      wrote very vaguely about them but when a researcher
      went back in 1920 the museum staff were unable to
      locate them--arg!!! there are several pictures of
      irish pipes in english sources from campaigns in
      ireland and one by albrecht duer which is probably an
      irish piper--although he doesn't say so in the
      title--as he did say in his diaries that he had an
      irish mercenary piper pose for him. it's a very good
      picture and clearly shows the drones comming from the
      same stock--the big debate as the vague english
      pictures and the odd irish gloss do not show this
      clearly. one irish regiment plays them today on
      reconstructed sets and one version has added keys to
      extend the range--not done in period.

      if you want more on this look up francis colinson ,
      the history of bagpipes. they played them in rome too,
      in nero's time.

      --- Rosine <rosine@...> wrote:
      > Isn't there a delightful little carving of a pig
      > playing the bagpipes that
      > was found at Sweetheart Abbey? Didn't that exist
      > pre-16th century, or do I
      > have my dates confused?
      > Rosine
      > > But note -- there is no firm evidence of bagpipes
      > in Scotland (or
      > > Ireland) until the 16th century, at least
      > according to The Companion
      > > to Gaelic Scotland. Let's not overstate the case,
      > here ;-)

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