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Thank you: [albanach] Searching for information on 1257 abduction of King Alexander by Comyns

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  • Diana Cosby
    ... ~Thank you very much, yes, they help. What I m gathering is that it wasn t so much an abduction the Comyns watching out for those and keeping guidance of
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      Sebhdann wrote:

      >My only Scottish history book covering that time frame is, *Scotland: The
      >Story of a Nation* by Magnus Magnusson. On page 97, is the following
      >mention of Alexander III from that time period:
      >The years of Alexander's minority in the 1250's had their political tremors
      >as different noble factions and parties within the regency vied for control
      >of the king's person (and therefore the government), with Henry III
      >interfering busily in the background -- ostensibly out of concern for his
      >daughter's welfare. The young couple were not allowed to live together as
      >man and wife and were kept under the strict control of tutors or guardians.
      >When Alexander's minority ended in 1259, on his eighteenth birthday, the
      >reins of government were firmly held by pro-king nobles -- particularly the
      >Comyn family, who exercised power on behalf of the king in both the north
      >and the south-west...
      >Sorry no specific mention of what you're looking for, but if you read
      >between the lines and know how the game of thrones was played in Scottish
      >history, then such actions could have been perpetrated by the Comyns. On
      >the other hand, since history is written by the winners and the conflict
      >between the Comyns and Robert Bruce was well-known, the facts of the
      >situation may have been skewed negatively, making it a kidnapping and power
      >usurpation as opposed to the king being fostered with a powerful Regent's
      >family for the last two years of his minority. Without more concrete info,
      >you could portray the incident either way for your story.
      >Hope my ramblings have some use for you!
      ~Thank you very much, yes, they help. What I'm gathering is that it
      wasn't so much an abduction the Comyns watching out for those and
      keeping guidance of the powerful position of the king. Have a great

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