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Modern: Scottish Troops Must Share Scarce Kilts

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  • Muirghein
    I m not sure if this is funny, sad, or both. Whatever they re wearing, I wish all the troops a safe return home. Muirghein /|
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2006
      I'm not sure if this is funny, sad, or both. Whatever they're
      wearing, I wish all the troops a safe return home.

      Muirghein /|\


      >Dec 18, 2:08 PM EST
      >Scottish Troops Must Share Scarce Kilts
      >LONDON (AP) -- Great Scot! A shortage of ceremonial kilts could
      >leave thousands of soldiers without a stitch of plaid to wear as
      >they parade to the skirl of the bagpipes.
      >Military officials said Monday that more than 5,000 Scottish
      >soldiers are having to share their kilts because defense chiefs have
      >not finalized a contract to buy enough of the garments to go around.
      >The men, who face regular tours of duty in south Iraq and
      >Afghanistan, have just 320 kilts, or one for every 15 soldiers.
      >Combat troops wore the traditional Highland garb in battle as late
      >as World War I, but now the plaid kilts are used in ceremonial uniform.
      >New kilts are needed for all Scottish soldiers following the August
      >2006 merger of centuries-old regiments into a single Royal Regiment
      >of Scotland.
      >"A planned deployment of kilts will be agreed with the Royal
      >Regiment of Scotland on a roll-out basis with ... the full program
      >being completed by January 2008," a Ministry of Defense spokesman
      >said, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with government policy.
      >The Ministry of Defense has refused to say who has won the contract
      >to supply the kilts; in the meantime, soldiers will have to share.
      >The 320 kilts provided so far have been supplied by Argyll Bagpipes
      >and Kilts on a trial basis. The full contract is worth up to $1.95
      >million, taking two years to complete and will involve 15,000 yards
      >of fabric.
      >"The kilt is psychologically important for the identity of Scottish
      >soldiers," said Lt. Col. Willy Macnair, who served in the defunct
      >Queen's Own Highlander regiment. "It may mean that some soldiers in
      >this (new) regiment, by the time they leave, may never have worn it."
      >Scottish lawmakers and veterans had opposed the merger of the
      >traditional regiments, which saw action in both world wars and the
      >Anglo-Boer War in South Africa.

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