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Gaelic Gets Stamp Of Approval

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  • Muirghein
    FYI, from: http://www.thisisnorthscotland.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=149664&command=displayContent&sourceNode=149490&contentPK=14750998 ... YiS,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006
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      FYI, from:

      >KEN JONES
      >08:50 - 24 June 2006
      >Gaelic has been given the stamp of approval by the Royal Mail which
      >has launched a new livery for its vehicles operating in
      >dual-language areas.
      >The livery, launched in Stornoway yesterday, is part of a new Royal
      >Mail policy aimed at recognising the status and importance of the
      >Highland's native tongue.
      >It is also in response to Gaelic language legislation passed by the
      >Scottish Parliament last year.
      >Seventy-one of its vehicles now operating in the Western Isles, Skye
      >and on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula will be rebranded with the
      >dual-language livery.
      >The Royal Mail says it is also working to improve the way it handles
      >letters addressed in Gaelic.
      >Post Office Ltd has also created a new Gaelic-English fascia for
      >branches in the postcode areas covered by the policy.
      >Royal Mail's Scottish affairs director, Ian McKay, along with
      >Education Minister Peter Peacock and Allan Campbell, chief executive
      >of Bord na Gaidhlig, the organisation which promotes Gaelic language
      >and culture, have endorsed the initiative.
      >Mr McKay said: "Thanks to the new Gaelic policy we are launching, we
      >will be able to recognise properly the language used by the
      >communities we serve."
      >Mr Campbell said he was delighted to see a national body translating
      >the spirit of the Gaelic Language Act into policy and the board
      >looked forward to working with Royal Mail to develop it further.

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