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Guard D'Escossais

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  • Julie Stackable
    Dear Mike, I m not sure about the origin during the Hundred s Years War, I ll have to look at the links the other person posted, but this is something my
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2004
      Dear Mike,
      I'm not sure about the origin during the
      Hundred's Years War, I'll have to look at the
      links the other person posted, but this is
      something my husband and I have been researching
      for a while. It was originally Archers for the
      French King that were Scots and became the
      full-fledged Guard D'Escossais in the late 15th,
      early 16th century. There is a copy of the
      original charter & info about the king who
      started it on the Library of France's national
      website - there are many e-books on this site and
      I am working on translating the bit in this one
      book about the Scots Guards.

      But I do know in the 16th century, serving in the
      French Scots Guards was something that quite a
      few well-born Scotsmen did as part of their
      Continental education. Indeed, the Guardsman who
      accidentally fatally wounded the French King
      during a tournament was the son of Scots
      Guardsman. I don't have all my resources to hand
      right now, but will re-post later this evening
      with better info & dates & links to sites.

      I also have a couple of good articles that I can
      send you if you are interested (there is also
      even a bizarre link between the Masons and the
      French Scots Guard.....).

      I'll post more later tonight.
      Margaret Hepburn

      > Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 01:39:03 -0000
      > From: "Mike Labny" <mikecfi@...>
      > Subject: Honor Guard?
      > Many years ago I was told about a Scottish
      > honor guard/body guard
      > for the Dauphin during the hundred years war.
      > The individual who
      > told me of this unit had no resources he could
      > name, but I found the
      > idea appealing from a persona standpoint.
      > Lately I have been
      > following up on the incomplete research I have
      > done in many areas,
      > and this is one I would like to know more
      > about.
      > Has anyone heard of such a thing? Does anyone
      > know of any resources
      > which reference this unit? Was it just a nice
      > story? Please help.

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