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apprentice indenture

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  • Julie Stackable
    Dear Sharon, ... Okay - I have about 15 words left on it. This is a *very* strange indenture. There are no monies mentioned and the main thing this apprentice
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
      Dear Sharon,

      > >Would anybody be interested in seeing this
      > >indenture when I am done? I can post it if
      > >anybody wants it.
      > Absolutely. In fact, when you're done I'd be
      > delighted to put up on
      > my web site an article with both the original
      > and translated versions
      > of it. (Making some real period examples of
      > apprentice contracts
      > readily available to interested folks would be
      > a Good Thing. And just
      > in general I would be happy to put up on my
      > site articles with period
      > Scottish texts and translations... ;-)

      Okay - I have about 15 words left on it. This is
      a *very* strange indenture. There are no monies
      mentioned and the main thing this apprentice is
      bound to is protecting his master from harm by
      night and by day and to warn him if he knows of
      any harm about to happen! I don't know if maybe
      he was a VERY strapping young lad & if Edinburgh
      was really violent at this point (the indenture
      is from July of 1590). He is becoming a tailor's
      apprentice & his father was already a tailor - I
      am wondering if he was loaning the boy out to
      help an older tailor who was frail or something
      and they just did the indenture to make him a
      legal guardian. I don't know enough about
      indentures in general, but like I said, this one
      seems odd. I would love to post this on your
      website and will let you know when it's done. I
      am assuming you are familiar with all the
      copyright laws? It came from the Scottish Record
      Office & I am not sure what the rules are
      regarding posting the original in it's entirety -
      but surely since it's in an educational capacity
      it wouldn't be a problem (their lawyers are
      probably lining up somewhere just because I said
      that....). I've got a big push on this week to
      finish translating it because I want to display
      it at our Kingdom's A&S competition (the reason I
      did this is to use it as a model for my own
      apprentice contract - being a sick, sick research
      junkie, it seemed only right and proper I should
      force myself to translate one!). I agree it would
      be Good Thing to get one out there - when I
      started this project, I could only find three
      examples of apprentice contracts & they were 13th
      century French ones that I wasn't really sure
      were germane to my imaginary life in Lowlands
      Scotland c.1570's. Do you have the Archbishop of
      Glasgow's Curse against the Reivers on your site?
      It's on the Gaddgedlar site and it is a Hoot
      (tm). I had seen it before but was very
      uncomfortable with late Scots, but now that I
      have been translating this document, I'm a lot
      more comfortable with it - I printed off the
      Curse and have posted it in my house - it makes
      me laugh hysterically every time I see it!
      > If you still are stumped on some things even
      > with the DSL, let me
      > know -- I may be able to help. (Or know someone
      > who could help!)
      Thanks very much for the offer of help - there is
      one word in particular I've about given up on - I
      need to look it up on this site you posted - I
      know what it means based on the context but can't
      figure out what the word itself is (dang those
      clerks & their awful shorthand!)
      Toujours a vos ordres,

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