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Scottish mythology?

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  • Muirghein
    This is something that s niggled at my mind for years, so I m finally going to bring it up in a forum where I can hope for definitive answers :-). Did the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
      This is something that's niggled at my mind for years, so I'm finally going
      to bring it up in a forum where I can hope for definitive answers :-).

      Did the Scots (knowing that word can mean different groups at different
      times/places) have any mythology of their own, or must one always look to
      other places? I find deity-names for Irish and Welsh, but not
      Scottish/Scots. Does the connection to the Irish mean that the myths and
      legends of the Gaelic speaking Scots would have been of the Irish god/esses
      and legends? Would their storytellers have told tales of Tuatha De Danann
      and Fomoire, of Cuchulain, or would they have had their own tales (or
      perhaps have told the Irish ones with differences)?

      Of particular interest to me is how this subject would have been viewed by
      my persona, living in the Highlands in 1331. She grew up in Scotland and
      Ireland in turns, and I'm wondering how she might see differences between
      the myths of the two areas, and how Irish concepts such as the four
      mythical kingdoms would (or wouldn't) translate to a Highland audience.

      And as an aside, how much of the stuff at
      http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/celt/index.htm is likely to be of use in
      terms of what Muirghein would have know, assuming she was reasonably well
      educated in the lore of her people (Irish and Highland)?

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