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Re: Late period Scottish costume (getting long)

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  • rowengr@hotmail.com
    ... ... wonderful ... documentation ... Yahoo, ... I ll see what I can do once the books and notes re-emerge (and get my pictures developed - the Museum
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 28, 2001
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      --- In albanach@y..., Matt Newsome <eogan@a...> wrote:
      > At Monday, 26 November 2001, you wrote:
      > >Decorative patterns in existing 16th - e 17th c Scottish brooches

      > This may or may not be within yoru capacity, but it would be
      > if you could scan in some of these motifs and provide brief
      > of where they are from, so thayt those of us who want to do any kind
      > of decorative work with documentably period patterns coudl use them
      > as a resource. Either put them in the groups file sectiopn at
      > or I would be glad to host them off the Albanach.org web space.
      > I think this would be a very useful thing for SCAdians and other
      > reenactors.
      > Aye,
      > Eogan

      I'll see what I can do once the books and notes re-emerge (and get my
      pictures developed - the Museum allows photography.) Unfortunately,
      once I finish moving I will no longer be living with a scanner, but I
      think I can access one at work or borrow a friend's.

    • kiarapanther1
      ... ... infamous for ... way ... the ... used a ... Oh so pretty!!! I m adding this to my links on my Irish Page
      Message 2 of 10 , Dec 29, 2001
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        --- In albanach@y..., Quadriga <trolhaus@v...> wrote:
        > The Irish and their cousins in the Scottish highlands were
        infamous for
        > their highly decorated costume, so recreating this costume is an
        > embroiderers dream. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing in the
        > of contemporary pictoral evidence of which shows any details as to
        > types of stitch work done or much more specific than that they
        used a
        > lot of gold work and beads/jewels in the bodice/sleeves. In the
        > versions of this dress that I've made, I've attempted to draw from
        > embroidery and manuscript art from slightly earlier in the century.
        > You can see some pictures of my work at:
        > http://www.geocities.com/Jongloresse/SCA/costume.htm
        > I hope that helps.
        > -Rowan ni Ruari
        > (mka. Brenda Colosa

        Oh so pretty!!! I'm adding this to my links on my Irish Page

        I really like the second one.....I will get mine resewn eventually
        so that I can embellish it with in an inch of its life.
        Once I get this one put back together I plan on running a vine motif
        all around the neck and down the front of the bodice and putting
        jewels on the half-sleeves. And eventually embroidering the inside
        of the split skirt.

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