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Re: [albanach] 15th c. women's clothing

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  • eoganog@aol.com
    I m sorry it has taken so long for anyone to reply to this! Let me take a stab at it. You are interested in 15th century women s fashions that would reflect
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 19, 2001
      I'm sorry it has taken so long for anyone to reply to this!  Let me take a
      stab at it.

      You are interested in 15th century women's fashions that would reflect styles
      in the Moidart or Inverness area, right?

      Well, as you already know, your primary sources are going to be very slim.  
      Moidart is coastal, and so was very likely to have Irish influences in
      fashion, as it was a Gaelic area as well.

      I'm unsure about Inverness.  On one hand, it is a pretty remote northern
      town.  On the other hand, it is a town.  Hard to tell right off what fashion
      influences might be.  I would be interested in seeing some research on that,

      Anyway, you mention the Moy and Shinrone gowns specifically.  The Shinrone
      gown does represent 15th century *continental* styles, but dates in Ireland
      to the late 16th or early 17 centuries.  So I don't think it will be

      For those wondering what the Shinrone gown is, go to:

      Most of what you find will relate to the 16th century more.  Most of the hard
      documentation you will find about women's leinte is from about 100 years past
      what you are looking for as well.

      The Moy Bog dress really seems to be your best bet.  Although it hasn't been
      positively dates, it is likely that it is from near your period.  Read about
      it here:

      In all honesty, I don't think much exists for that time and place.  Other
      Gaelic fashions that we know from the 16th century seem to reflect 15th
      century continental styles.  Would 15th century Gaelic clothes reflect 14th
      century styles?  We can't say.

      If anyone else knows anything about 15th century clothing from Moidart or
      Inverness (or any relating area) please let us know!


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