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Recommended 'Robert The Bruce' and other period sources

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  • Diana Cosby
    I have the following books on hand: - Robert Bruce & The Community of The Realm of Scotland, by Geoffrey W.S. Barrow - Robert The Bruce King of Scots, by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2000
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      I have the following books on hand:
      -"Robert Bruce & The Community of The Realm of Scotland," by Geoffrey
      W.S. Barrow
      -"Robert The Bruce King of Scots," by Ronald McNair Scott
      -"Scotland A New History," by Michael Lynch

      I plan on ordering:
      -"The Bruce," by John Barbour

      Are there any other titles on Robert the Bruce or books that go into
      detail of Scotland from March 1286 [Death of Alexander III, King of
      Scots} through June 7th 1329. In my research, I have also become
      interested in Sir William Douglas [The Black Douglas.] Can anyone
      recommend a book that goes into detail on his life/activities to support
      Scotland? Thank you very much in advance.
      Diana Cosby
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