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987This month in Scottish History

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  • eoganog@aol.com
    Jul 6, 2000
      July 5, 1529:
      Border reiver John Armstrong was hanged along with 50 of his men at Carlanrig
      on the road to Langholm.

      July 6, 1608:
      Plague was rife in Dundee; one magistrate had already died and a second was
      seriously ill; assistant magistrates had to be appointed.

      July 11, 1668:
      Assasination attempt against Archbishop of St. Andrews failed in Edinburgh;
      Bishop of Ornkey mortaly wounded--the culprit, a Presbyterian
      preacher--evaded capture for six years.

      July 12, 1515:
      Lord Drummond was in serious trouble for "stricking" the Lord Lyon King of
      Arms with his hand; but on his knees he successfully begged for Parliament's

      July 15, 1563:
      Surgeon Robert Henderson collected twenty merks from Edinburgh Town Council
      for various wonderful cures--"healing" a man whose hands had been cut off and
      a woman who had been in her grave for two days.

      July 16, 1454:
      Importers of food into Scotland exempted from customs duty because of the
      great famine which gripped the land.

      July 18, 1290:
      English delegation persuaded Scots on a marraige between Margaret Maid of
      Norway and Prince Edward of England.

      July 23, 1609:
      Major street fight in Glasgow involving the parties of the Provost and the
      Stewarts of Minto; remarkably, electoral reform was the cause.

      July 26, 1536:
      James V set sail from Leith on an expedtion to secure a French royal bride
      but the fleet turned back on the Earl of Arran's say-so.

      From the July issue of the Scottish Banner

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