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4967Lost Scottish folk tales published online

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  • Muirghein
    Jun 23, 2011
      Not technically period, but I'm guessing still of some interest :-).


      >The notebooks of the Scottish folklore pioneer Alexander Carmichael
      >have been prepared for publication.
      >It will be the first time Carmichael's work has been available in
      >its entirety.
      > From 1860, he spent 50 years collecting legends, songs, curses and
      > oral history from Gaelic-speakers.
      >Researchers and archivists have worked for two years preparing the
      >notes for publication by the University of Edinburgh.
      >Carmichael's work has led to him being likened to the brothers Grimm
      >in Germany.
      >His volume Carmina Gadelica, published in 1900, is estimated to have
      >included only a tenth of his original research material.
      >Senior researcher Dr Donald William Stewart said: "Alexander
      >Carmichael tirelessly, even obsessively, recorded the culture, lore
      >and beliefs of his native Scottish highlands.

      In Service,
      Baintighearna Muirghein Dhaire Faoilciarach /|\