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4957Re: [albanach] Correct term confirmation?

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  • Cathal
    Dec 20, 2010
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      >>How about 'on a field of deepest blue, three silver stars'?
      > ~I like that, clean, states it clearly. I'll use something to that
      > effect, my sincere thanks. The stars are silver? They looked white
      > from the picture. My sincere thanks for everything!
      > Diana Cosby,

      In Heraldry, there are two 'metals'...Or and Argent.

      Depending on the medium they are emblazoned with, they can be
      Or= gold/yellow (N.b. the 'yellow' is a true yellow not saffron,
      tawny or any of the variants)

      Generally the blazon is as the metal not the color, while the emblazon
      can be either.

      Hence: Azure, three stars of five points two and one, Argent.

      (Blazon-how you describe the heraldry in technical terms)
      (Emblazon-how you draw it )
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